She done me wrong

A gruesome tale of heartache and cold blooded murder just in time for Halloween.

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The design's cool but what's up with the form fitting shirts people've been using for their placement examples... I think we all know it'll look totally different than that placed on a normal shirt not being worn by a model...


I like this a lot. The design is very creative and original and the colours stand out brilliantly. ^.^ 5


I like the transition, it's really cool..

and it's violent w/o being overly so.. i like this alot.. great job!

sekao gerg

i'm new here. i love this design!! i'd wear it for weeks on end until it smelt really bad then i'd wash it inside out. yay!

mad cat

Awww, Finky! Love this design, love the placement, love the colors, love, love, love!!
Wonderfully gruesome!! Disturbingly wonderful! Beautifully violent!
Love, love, love!

franx profile pic Alumni



i love it, i would buy it, if the placment was at the bottom of the shirt

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Really nice Jess, one of your best, but I'm sure its above a lot of the voters here, regardless of the easy concept


I'm really digging this


amazing excecution... no pun intended.

jublin profile pic Alumni

haha story of my life. very nice colors.

i think whenever someone says "no pun intended" they definitely intended it. otherwise they would have never noticed the pun in the first place! something to think about.

but great shirt!


nice work, i want this


great design and colors


Hell hath no fury like Big Frank scored.


Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out - it's the grain of sand in your shoe.

I think, uh, Frank Service? Yes. FS.

About the shirt, uh, not my style. Yea, not my style but, uh, it's nice. Yeah props for the illustration.

slender fungus

why haven't they printed all of your shit yet?
5 and buy


im sorry, it just doesnt do it for me...




Love the colors


love it! 5$!

andyg profile pic Alumni

Great design, style and colors! 5


outstanding colors. the design is unique, and well communicated. it could use a little work, though. i suggest you tighten it up a little so it isn't so sprawling.

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