Choose your mood

The concept is definitely unoriginal, the execution is so-so. 1.

Watch this

I don't think it is so bad! I like all the little drawings! good work


You should print it off and sell it as a "Select A Threadless Shirt To Wear" wheel.

Each symbol corresponds to a threadless shirt. You spin it each day to determine which one to wear. For instance, the knife is Stabby McKnife.



I, for one, enjoy it. It has a certain subtle message about electronics, and how we can easily swap out one thing for another. If only moods were so easily swappable.

Without the aid of drugs, that is.


I really like this. Cute little icons. $5


i like how its set up like a scrolling circle deal.. reminds me of my digital camera.. 5


who's to say whether something is "original" or not. no one's seen everything.


I would like it better if it wasn't a "choice" shirt.. and a. "random" shirt.. if that makes sense..

but then yeah.. imurray has a point... didn't really think of that..
this makes me sad.. (that i didn't think of it.) or maybe because I'm just randomly playing with the dial on my mind? darts eyes around the room

I like it anyway.. Dunno if I'd wear it as a choose shirt, but yeah.. cool

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Thanx !


It would be better abstract - that is to say, without the text. I think the design by itself is very strong, so the writing feels redundant and unnecessary. A little smaller and it would shine. Good color choice, cute mood icons. 4.


this is really cool. i would buy it! $5


This is sooo cute. $5.

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Oh i never seen this before.


Nobody read Phillip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" The part about programming your mood every morning with the Penfield Mood Organ didn't make it into the movie (Bladerunner, for those not in the know)


I like it, but maybe it'd be better underplayed? Take away that text. Other than that, great design.


thats cool i like it a lot 5


It's ridiculously unoriginal. God, what is wrong with you people.


take away the text and $5


i like it minus the shadows.....

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