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Neon Tetra 2

I've revised the design based on members' comments.

Hope you like it

Watch this

way better than the last one but it still looks like something from an aquarium giftshop

slaterock profile pic Alumni

the way in which the fish are illustrated is absolutely stunning, however I think them spelling out neon is a bit tacky maybe? If you could figure out a way to incorporate the fish into another design... I dunno... 4 for the great fish.


Pretty fishies!!
And isnt neon tetra the kind of fish they are?
So spelling out neon makes sense to me.
It reminds me of this old aquarium game my friend and I used to play.


hell yeah i love those fish i have 3 iwant that shirt

thINK profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration


i completely agree with slaterock. amazingly done fish, not such a big fan of "neon".


lovely fish--placement maybe just a tad higher on the shirt so it has less of the "aquarium shop" feel?

it might even be funny if they were spelling out something like "halogen" of the future...


i say nay. mostly because they're spelling a word. makes this design seem cheap. i really like the fishies tho!


Agreed with slaterock and newspaperpip, and to a lesser extent, Grayson Koonce. You'd be better off making those tetras into a different design.


If it didn't spell out a word, I'd say Hell Yes.


Yeah, the word makes it kind of ordinary. Awesome fish though.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

super fantastic!! special you can create those fish in graphic form, and still LOOK real, i have those fishes before, they r wonderful!!!! great job!


I don't think I'd wear a shirt that was just a bunch of fish. Not to say the design isn't cool, but when you get down to it, it's still fish.


i think the spelling out IS a little dorky, but your fish colors are incredible!!


Love the fish! Cool colors!!


The colours are really so nice :) I wonder how you did (sorry i'm not a professional eheh)

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