Guess who (2)

  • by Mozz
  • posted Sep 19, 2006

Guess who? it's difficult if all the people are japanese...:)))

Watch this

like the type, did you draw that?

Shirt is well balanced. Good effort!

Quag profile pic Alumni

Does he have glasses?! :D


hahahaha. this makes me chuckle


i hope japanese people have a sense of humor


and the shirt's yellow, too . . . that is superfluously stupid and offensive.


The Woo surname is actually Mandarin, so you'd better hope that the Chinese have a sense of humor! hehe.

Brett F.

person a: IS HE WEARING A HAT? person b: YES person a: IT'S THAT FUCKER IN THE MIDDLE WITH A CAPTAIN'S HAT!!! that was too easy


Gosh, don't know why people in here always think it will be offensive. People have sense of humor outside US too, you know?


this sucks donkey nuts. sorry... nice art style but.


Those faces look like a font from I like it though...


yeah.. Woo is not Japanese. And why are there only men? There are women (albeit, not many) in the Guess Who game.

MeLa de Gypsie

yeah... we don't take offense... you white/black people all look the same to us anyway!!! hahahahaha...


You people are a bucnh of crybabies..... waa why is it yellow....waaa why are there only men.........waaa the surname is blah blah blah.....

Lighten up and laugh a little. Japanese people all look alike to me too. And yes white people all look alike to a lot of Japanese people. Who cares.



Pardon us for actually trying to help the designer with FACTS! The design has potential, thats why people post comments instead of summarily dismissing it and giving it a low score.


i'm going to summarily dismiss this tshirt and give it a low score.


I have not given it a score at all yet, low or high. All I am saying is that not every design has to meet the expectations of everyone looking at it. And sometimes FACTS are irrelevant.


this caused controversy, for that you get a decent score but i'd feel racist wearing this


I bet Stormfront would print this for you. 0 points.


Nice work! This brings back memories... Guess Who once saved me during a particularly horrific babysitting gig. I probably wouldn't wear this though.


well, sorry to say but you're quote is kind of racist...


MeLa de Gypsie, you are funny.


I really don't see this as racist at all, I think it's pretty common to have trouble differentiating people of a race that you're not familiar with. Neat design & idea, although it's not something I would wear. ^^


yeah.. this is a racist shirt - lame... "it's saying that all asians look a like"


this is simply a funny design..i don't think it is offensive .it's a joke:Japanese people all look alike to me And white people all look alike to a lot of Japanese people.stop.


I think ya'll are takin' it a bit too seriously. To an middle-class white kid in suburbia (not that Mozz is one), a lot of Asians probably look alike. Shoot, listen to Ben Folds, people.
"yeah... we don't take offense... you white/black people all look the same to us anyway!!! hahahahaha..." Thanks for that.


It caused a controversy here. I say that qulifies it as an effective t-shirt design.

dayuse aka yuipeter [peter t.]

At first, I actually started looking for a caricature of famed Hong Kong director, John Woo.
But, alas. I see there's no point to that.


i think i am most offended by how obviously cliche' it is.


I don't think this is very PC. All the asians think Americans look the same and can't tell the difference between us, but they can tell a difference between them ie. Koreans, Japanese, Chinese....


To me, this shirt just encourages ignorance.


^ i agree, but then again, i'm sure we all look the same to them too.


It's not SUPPOSED to be pc, it's supposed to be FUNNY. I'm not a fan of the "guess woo" font (maybe something a tad more asian-looking) but I'll gladly give it a $5.


Does your guy have squinty eyes? ok..... Does he have dark hair? ok.... -- i like it

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