• by Rabbit16
  • posted Sep 17, 2006

This is my first time submitting anything on here... so sorry if it looks crappy. I just learned how to use illustrator recently, so constructive criticism is welcome. Don't just tell me 'it sucks' if you can't tell me why.

Watch this

i would like to see more color


I love it, but maybe if you just colored in the leaves of the tree or the bird or something.

And I think it would look better on a darker color

Some Person

Definatly color, being a dreamscape and all. unless you dream in black and white.




I really like it, but I don't think it's something I'd want in a tee unless it had more color.

crisco disco

i like the illustrations but i dont like the tee color choices.


I tried doing this in color and it didn't look quite right. I wasn't sure what color to make the tee... so suggestions on what would look good would be great.


Gray scale is a no-no for this... but in the bottom right corner is good. I kind of like just the bird blue. It gives it a little something and makes the bird significan to the design. But I really need to see the design on a shirt color. You make be able to keep the design gray, just change the shirt color.


i really like the design but it seems kind of rugged design-wise. 3 for now but definitley would like to see it resubmitted


I'd love it if it was on a darker shirt.


anyone else immediately think bridge to terebithia? great job.


I love it in the colored version you posted. The gray scale is just too plain for something so intricate.


I prefer the colored vers. as well. It's a nice design! reminds me of some of the old 70s prog-rock album covers (esp. the covers Yes used to do back in the 70s)- but it's very clearly your own composition.



I'll repost it in color as soon as someone figures out how to make it colorful with only 4 colors. That's my only real problem in doing a colored version.


I really like the grey scale, it just works.


i like it in black and white but i think id also like it with some colors, i love the design.


I've heard eating onions before bed inspires good dreams.


I think it's a really cool design but it needs a bit more color and maybe a darker tee, but otherwise 5$


I like the greyscale, but feel the tree looks to dense. The color image looks more open because of the contast between the green and brown, so that helps.
Perhaps a dark grey shirt and use a cream and brown for both the tree/ground, and also for the moon? I think this could work if you reduced the amount of shadow on the moon.
Otherwise, try opening the tree up more, and doing it in greyscale with just the bird in a sharply contrasting color.
But it's nice. Yay you.

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