farewell, dear friend

i realize there have already been other pluto submissions, but it took me a while to get this one up. i hope you enjoy anyway.

concept courtesy of my younger brother.

Watch this

I like it better on the brown.
Great concept!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i like the image but im kinda sick of pluto.


I'd like it better if the little dude wasn't so centered.

Some Person

i really like this. the text especially because it reminds me of school house rock. i don't know why i like it because of that but who cares? 5 $


get rid of pluto. and leave everything else as is - and id 5 it. i think it could hold its own with out it.


On Black. Would be sweet if illustration would be in bllue.


i like it. who knows why.


I'm pretty sure Pluto's still there. Once we blow it up with something I'll buy a Pluto shirt.


I won't be missing pluto either. But I love your little sci-guy and the text!


I really love the style maybe it would be better witouth the pluto thing;)


Love the concept; is there a different way of expressing it?


the scientist-type guy is kinda dumb (He is supp0sed to be a scientist/astrologer, right?) How about a tombstone with the date of birth/death of Pluto. Maybe a ripped-out-of-the-newspaper obit for Pluto, like an Onion thing ("Pluto is survived by Saturn, Mercury and Uranus...")?

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