Peace or Piece?

This is my first submission, so be nice!

Right okay, this illustration poses the question "Peace or Piece?", now clearly this is an ironic pun. You may take this

however you like, but I'd like it to be though of as a rhetorical question of some sort!

Do we achieve peace through the baring of arms ("pieces" as urban slang might now state)? or perhaps that right actualy removes the ever more unlikely possibility of achieving peace!? Now that's something to think about...

Which ever way my design is perceived, I hope you can all apprechiate the effort I've put into it! n I hope you enjoy it!Cheers! I'll be looking out for these little fella's......$5.......

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that's an excellent design. very detailed.

the czar

Nice design, I wonder if the actual peace sign could be bolder,to contrast the gun.
Good first sub


Cheers for your kewl comment people!
Really apprechiate all the positivity! Cheers me up! :)
Just in case any of you wanna check it out, there's a animated GIF of my design in my blog... So you can go n check that out if you like! It mearly illustrates more effectivly the design on the different coloured Tee's!


the play on text is trying to be to clever, clever is a disease – it only lasts about 20 seconds, it still keep us clouded from our full artistic potential, being thoughtful is the antidote to cleaver, thoughtful lasts a life time – or until the t-shirt starts falling apart from being so old - write this down, in any font: “Clever is the death of good design!”

mikey see

I'll warn you, you are probably going to get a lot "no more gun shirts". I just got done with that myself. Personally I like the design and placement very much, though I agree that the pun doesn't fit.


Ye I apprechiate it mate!
To be honest when people criticise my work n it's constructive I'll take the ideas on board! However when there's no need n the person it came from serioustly doesn't know what they're on about, I brush it off my shoulder as if it was never ever said!
Yours however I will take in! Cheers again...


Ne very nice style.


the illustration is kick ass... I think I'd like it way better without the words on it.


It's a very good illustration, but the question is pretty silly. Of course a gun isn't peace. Is there anybody out there who is genuinely plagued by an "abstract" question like that?


Cheers for the comments! I would stand up for my illustration on some grounds, but it does all the talking for it self! Isn't that the point of an illustration!? lol Thanks again!


i'd like it without text or maybe clearer text.


i like it dude... a lot, but the text is too direct, there is no pun left...


Nice fun illustration. I'd wear it.


If a cop came up to me and said, "do you have a piece on you?" I wouldn't get it. so yeah I think the pun is kind of a stretch. that's a really slick looking gun though. I mean, piece. p.. piece of gun.


i think the design is great, and the idea of peace OR piece is absolutly fabulous. $$$$5.


Refering to a gun as a Piece is fairly common place in northern UK, if it's lost on you then maybe it's a language issue mose than anything.

The question, mainly in the US of the right to own a gun, and the almost cold war-esque picture it paints even in a modern society, is pretty well expressed in this design. Can there be peace either with or without mutually arming ourselves to the teeth?

Whatever, it's a very well executed design, and simple thought provoking slogan.. if not a little close to home for some people ;)



congrates on your first design. I really like it and give it a 5... I look forward to seeing more submissions from you

Mister Campbell

I think you could of used a different typeface honestly or just lose it all together


Talk about picking a straws dude.. lol




I like the one on a white tee... 5


very interesting design, but they typogrophy needs a little work. the grungy style is good but it affects the readability of the "or" and the "piece" I would open up the kerning a few points and make sure the shirt is printed on a dark contrasting color, the design will just get lost on a pale shirt.


Yep, I understand entirely what you're saying! Well if my design is chosen for printing (fingers crossed) I don't mind making certain necessary changes to the typography! It's all good!


oh.. don't mind my comment, I'm probably the minority.


Nice design, I'd lose the text though.


how many colors are there?


I like the pun, but I might like it more if it said "Peace by piece" (as in, make peace with war), plus the obvious reference to the phrase "piece by piece."

ANYWAY, great illustration, I can't tell how many colors you've used though.


I actualy realy like it on pink! 5$


like it without text.. may defeat point but o well..


There are actualy only 4 colours in the illustration: white, gray, gold, n black!! It's just hard to tell on the low-rez template!!


Not as of yet no. The original is on MY pc, which is currently under maintenance I'm afraid! I'll try n have one up on the net shortly...

mezo profile pic Alumni

The gun is rendered phenomonally! I'm not sold on the text, it's layout looks thrown in last minute. Also, be careful with the ambiguous white shape in the background....printed on a dark shirt could make it look like bird poo. Jus' saying.


kinda looks like something you'd buy at the mall "make your own shirt" store. maybe it's the font. or the background.


i dont like the background...


You know criticism without constructiveness is just Gay n pointless! Why bother!!


I love it sooo much. Awesome! I'd buy it. $5.


I think there might be 6 too many paint splatters there. I also don't think that " Peace or piece" works very well at all.

But I do like how you compared "gay" and "pointless" in that comment above. That was really bright...

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