when the children speak out

  • posted Sep 13, 2006

they can be anything they want

Watch this
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He wants to be an American Idol like Bo Bice.


really nicely done.. i especially like the rock star bubble! 4


i love the asian in the middle doing the asian squat


So nicely done, I like it a lot.




I wish the left hand bubble weren't a jumble of symbols. I wish it were parallel in style to the other two. Without that symetry, I wouldn't buy this T-shirt.


i wish the girl wasn't doing the wedding one


me too. when I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was run around with my shirt off like my dad did...certainly not get married


i'll fourth chelly
i want to be a ceo.



and the girls only aspiration is to beeee... a wife... wow how very 1940's of you


I for one LOVE the boy on the left's jumble. That's all I've ever had for aspirations, jumbles of ideas. LOL $4!


Yeah, I think the wedding one should be for the boy on the left, and give the girl a different dream. Some people would see that as sexist, as shown above me


I love the rock star one though. It's perfect because you can sort of see the resemblance to the boy.


When I was a little girl I wanted to be an artist, a puppy doctor, or one of the spice girls.

...not a housewife.


The girl wanting the wedding is too sterotypical. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, a superhero, a cartoonist, or an animator. A young girl may dream of a wedding, but a "wife" isn't what she grows up ultimately wanting to be.


i was think that the little girl want tobe like popstar, a doctor, etc.
but that is a common things. The girl want to living happy and peace. Middle boy wanna more complex live, to be rockstar, rock n roll live. And the Left boy, he confuse about what is he want tobe. "Thank you for critical comment".(Apologize for ma bad english)

yoshi andrian
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Nice one, gik! voted 5 and buy. but i think you should put the boy with jumble of ideas at center and make the bubble bigger as a main point.


yah i agree with chelly 2


it's awesome except for the girl wanting the wedding, seriously. that's the only thing that would stop me from buying this.


PLEASE resub this because I love the idea. I agree with the other comments though, pu tthe unsure boy in the middle to make it the focus of the design. Also, please don't make the girl only dream of getting married. Please. That's the not the message I want on my shirt. Can we choose something a bit more ambitious for her? Heck, make her the president, that would be amazing.


The unsure boy is cool, although yeah it would work better in the middle. I would never wear this with the girl as the one wanting to get married. When I was a little girl, I wanted to write books, or work in an office like my mom, or fix telephones like my dad. My little brother was the one who wanted romance and to get married.


The left bubble should be on the right. Linearlly (is that a word?), it would work better if there were two "normal" ones, and then the crazy one.


hahahaha...thanks guys, a lot of critical comment...i love it, really!
So, what is I must to do? re-sub this, or what?
I prefer to change the jumble in the middle (like yoshi said), and change the dream of girl.


What's wrong with wanting to get married? i mean, that definitely shouldn't be the only thing up there, but still.


To make it not as 1940s, switch the confused jumble with the wedding (aka put the wedding on one of the boys). Or put her as president (which is a very good idea, Xaverie).

Bike Ninja

it's really cool. i hope it gets printed. $5


Is it bad for her to hope she falls in love when she grows up? It doesn't mean she doesn't want anything else. And maybe she's not the bride, maybe she designed the dress. Or maybe those are her parents who are not married and she wishes they were.

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i . . . well, i don't know what number agreement it is, but i agree with chelly.

i want to be a professor. that's what i'm working on right now!


I think ElizaBee is right, on the other hand, we have so much history with this stereotype that it would be nice if it were the boy's dream. While I love being married, I spent a lot of my young life playing teacher...not bride. So, I know it's been said already but I have a hard time believing that you thought this would be okay. Seriously....SERIOUSLY...you can't have thought we would let this go.


i interpret that that they are all have differnet dreams and yet they are all playing together...it doesnt really come off as sexist to me and im a girl...lol
5$ either way

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I agree with everyone about the girl : it looks like a stupid stereotype, I'm sure you could find something else for her (I wanted to go on planet Mars :p Well, I still do).

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HA! The brat in the middle wants to be Danzig when he grows up.


I initially thought the rockstar was jesus so that confused me.... I'll add to the ranks of female comments saying I didn't dream about getting married as a kid - I was too busy climbing up (and falling out of) trees. Doesn't offend me, but I'm just not fussed about the design.


I wish I had something to add to these already sparkling comments, but I don't. Or if perhaps all of the kids had jumbles of ideas in their heads. Kind of like the iWork '05 packaging. Other than that...a good submission.

Robert Goulet

If the middle bloke wants to be Bo Bice he'd better put some pants on!

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