bird balloons

gorgeous!!!!!!!! $5

Watch this

Copy + paste...


I would like to see different colors for the balloons and T-shirt. Also, fix the bird that is flying away. Its head (beak) and tail need work.


nice design. colorwise, i prefer the charcoal. I don't mind the uniformity of the balloons, but adding in another color to break up the red couldnt hurt. and lesquelette is right about the flying bird's beak. overall great job! with a few touches i'd buy for sure. $4


that is awesome.


Wow, great detail. I like how all the balloon bottoms aren't the same. It may sound dorky and may never recognize it, but makes a huge difference to me. $5


great idea.. i really like it....4


Awesome. I love it. As is. It makes me think of 99 red balloons.... and now we know the real reason why balloons fly :) $5


EXCELENT!! I want that!! 5$


oh man, this is really beautiful. the copy and paste doesn't really bother me. it makes sense i think. it's really pretty. =]

nice job.


wow awesome $5

the more i look at it the more i like it


AzrimEkim, the only thing copy+pasted are the birds, and thats beacuse I wanted them to look like none of the birds were unique (all the same, depersonalized, etc.) and like they were all just printed on the balloon with a stencil or something. Even then, I did resize, edit the edges a bit and change the angles of every one. :)

dank57, yay! someone noticed! And actually, the balloons are all different (not just the bottom part where you tie them). I drew every one seperately, so they should be very different from each other.

Now that I look at it, I do agree the flying bird could use a bit of work and I should post more colours... red balloons are my favourite, though. :9


I am feeling the all red ballons and I appreciate the uniformity of the trapped birds. I am really digging this. 5.



DJA Design

Take everything with a grain of salt. Agree with the 'modern amusement' comment. I understand your thought on the uniform look, but color will do that. If everything is the same it get boring. I would like to see this concept again from you; reworked.


I like this a lot! Something about the colors though.. dunno what. 4


I love it on the slate kind of color the best. Oh my God, I need this shirt. $5


Love the charcoal - I'd buy.


wow, very cool, great commentary on freeing yourself from society's bounds, no matter how pleasant the prison. I'd buy it in a second.


ooooooooh i loooove this!! if it doesnt get printed keep trying cause this is aaawesomee!!!


Yeah more colours of the ballons, you can have what, two more colours making 5 with the white black and red, it is five isn't it, cant remember. I'm not too keen on the strings, they're too straight, too thin, not sure what but they don't look right.


I absolutely love this! I like it best with the dark grey color. Great job!

Villain Clothing

Great design. Really appreciating the details of the balloons.

nature boy

love the drawing style on the balloons and the concept is great. Not sure about the colour though.


I luv this!



Good job keeping the bottoms different. I don't know what hoffman meant about keeping the flying bird more similar to the trapped birds - I think all of the birds are fine. But, the placement of the balloons seems too high on the chest - as if the strings are too long...

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