One life to live

  • by Valrico
  • posted Sep 13, 2006

Guess it's time to buckle down and stop chasing stupid paper balls.

Watch this

If that cat can write, count, and wears glasses I doubt it's chasing paper balls.


if i saw someone wearing this on the street i dont think i would make the nine lives connection. maybe have a cat angel floating away or something


Cats only get 7 lives in most of Europe.


This is a whole new area of feline mythology for me! Thanks. (It also might explain this cat's concerned expression - if he's already past his allotment of lives, and still kicking around here with the rest of us.)


i like it , i got the 9 lives things


So, I guess this means you only gave it a 4, then? That's cool. Thanks for stopping by.


dear semeninyour eyes,

MS Paint is nothing more than a program. what you're saying is equivalent to saying:

"two words: pen, paper." the medium here doesn't matter, it's the finished product.

and with that said, i think it's an idea that merits more thought and better execution. all i'm saying is go back to the drawing board with it.


To TWIYE - pay attention to what polydueces has to say. THAT'S what "constructive criticism" means, not your drive-by. It's comments like yours that make people not want to express themselves in a public forum like threadless.

But then again, I don't see that you've submitted any designs here.


I think the expression on the cat's face of "yah bitch!" says it all. Also, if you can't count fast enough to nine, maybe the smart cat is telling you something. :)


nice idea, simple drawing but cool, just make it smaller on the tshirt.. 5

Pink Apple

I like the simplicity of the graphic. The expression is still captured beautifully. And I got the nine lives straight away... (too much time spent counting with strokes perhaps)


haha i love the expression $5


i dont' really like this. i don't see myself wanting it. it just seems like one of those shirts you can get at like k-mart or something. but it could also be because i hate cats. could you make it a dachsund ?


The title is funny! would it be stupid on the shirt? probably... darn.

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