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  • by Luke...
  • posted Sep 12, 2006

great take on the theme

Watch this
cant think of one

interseting attempt but far to much effort in presenting it...just looks cluttered


I love the T - giving it a five, but Zach Brath needs to start working out and needs to not leave scrubs - it has a chance of being an important sitcom...

steven218 profile pic Alumni

haha, i used that pic on my latest sub presentation too...


ysy101 profile pic Alumni

oh snap! i had this idea but i had no idea how to pull it off. good job!

Quag profile pic Alumni

Doesn't look like you put much effort into the actual design. Some filters and a not so well drawn wire cutter isn't doing it for me. 4 for the concept though.

aled profile pic Alumni

This is typical of my luck! After perhaps making some previous submissions too complex, I was looking to keep it as simple as possible - I wanted thin lines and outlines rather than big, heavy blocks of colour. As every good little aspiring designer knows, its sometimes easier to over-design something and thats what I wanted to avoid here. I enjoy valid criticism and I appreciate anyone's thoughts so let me know what you think.


i like it mate, well done..clever idea!

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It looks good whether on white or grey.


Blue wire dude, blue wire... $5


looks great on black... not so much on white.


looks great on black... not so much on white.

Super 95

good, i like it. 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

"The design grabs you immediately and doesn't let go from there!" "3..2...1...Kapow! This design explodes holes of awesomeness out of the shirt and leaves no person within a two mile radius unaware of its presence!!!" O, sorry, I thought this shirt was the trailer for Die Hard 4: My God, Bruce Willis's Career Has Come to This. I love it, and the simplicity of the design really leaves the moment of impact uncluttered and brings you into what is there quite intensly. I say cut all of em' at the same time and pray that makes the detonator smile at your ingenuity and not blow up out of respect. 3....2...1....4 and buy!


needs a little work on colors and shadows


no way! How'd you get Zach Braff to wear it?! (I really hope you all know I was kidding)


i dig the pic of zach...makes me laugh. good design.


perfect for the theme! great job! hope you win ;) 5$


the hands and bomb seem to have no relationship with the numbers and the wires. just does not come together well, at all.

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Thank you My Name Is Earl. They are different colours, yes. I could have done it all monotone, but the colours are kinda crucial in this one.

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That did better than I thought it might. Thanks folks.


Awesome design.


Aw, it didn't get printed. I'd buy this.

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