she probably has a boyfriend

but you should talk to her anyways

Watch this

nice, but what happens to the ladies hip?


hooray for nudity!


She probably has a girlfriend... and it's probably me.


$4, but $5 if she didn't have ridiculous hips


looks great. love the colors! not sure if the nipples will fly? hips do look wide but dont bother me. nice job


I really like this, the hips just need to be a tiny bit more work. Nudity doesn't haave to be a bad thing.

At first I thought it was on black, which was going to turn me off, but brown is good. $5


"she probably has a boyfriend" yea and guess who it is?


The hips really let the design down. Otherwise its great.


Merslut of the seven seas!! $5


I agree about those hips. Someone needs to tell her to go jogging.


i would love to own this shirt!! i would probably only take it off long enough to wash it, dry it, then put it back on!


The hips are jusst fine. You only need to fix them if you want to conform to the media's idea of what a woman's body should look like. Plenty of us look like that.

Maybe she needs those hips to propel her tail!


Great design, but is this an excuse to have boobies on a shirt? Maybe without the nipples

spires profile pic Alumni

HEY!! How did you get your hands a picture of my girlfriend naked?!
Those hips need a tad of tweaking. I tell her all the time.

Dr. Elusis

1) not on brown
2) give her some more heft to her - she's starving!
3) in which case - $5


do you have her number?


This chick reminds me of my old man. Great work!


this could be better.


sigh. men... always trying to create the perfect woman.

as for her needing to go jogging to lose the hips.... it wouldn't do anything to change her proportions, it would make everything else smaller as well so you'd end up with an underweight woman with wide hips. and this fellas, is a prime example of why women are so incredibly uncomfortable with their bodies... someone always has to pick apart every inch of our bodies.


^What are you-- a mermaid? Cripes.

How the hell could a mermaid go jogging?

Flesh out her legs or something.

Wide hips are a-ok, but she does not look mermaid-y enough down where butt and tail meet.


I think her hips are beautiful!


why does she have to go jogging? maybe you could just draw her better...

Some Person

probably.... haha..... but i don't normallly wear nudie shirts. 4


super black nips


Okay. Why do people seem to think her hips look wide? Is it not a commonly known fact that your average hips line up with or exceed the width of one's shoulders? No one needs to "tell her to go jogging" because she happens to have hips.

$5 from me for keepin' it natural.


yup the up guy knows best..but she is 1 ugly sardine, with a nice organic effect..


and here is my nipple comment =D


chunky hips make it a 3

take em off and its a 4


I like a woman with curves! $5.


nice design, but i agree with the others when they say the hips are clunky-looking. and just a few tweaks here and there and you've got a great design.


yea the hips are cool but tone it down a little. but other wise fook'en love it ! and i want it. yay boobies


oh sooooo close! fix the hips/muscle lines, a bit awkward


I refuse to wear tits on my shirt


bighairyape on Sep 18 '06
$4, but $5 if she didn't have ridiculous hips

What? That didn't make any sense... Oh, Yeah it did never mind.


Anyways, no tittis on my shirts. And fix the hips.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice curves in the hair....bu that body is UGLY.


Those hips don't lie, is the pun i'm going to aim for in this messege


the hips look more like an ass to me, but if they were just a little bit smaller it would be perfect, i love it anyway


maybe loose the nipples and get rid of the hip-sacks. otherwise, its a beautiful design.


boy... not even mythical sea creature are safe from modern culture's unrealistic standards of beauty. Se la vee.

I've tweaked the poor girl's hips a bit, see my profile.

Thanks : )


I love the colours and the swilrs but her hips to bulge out oddly, I mean I love curves and hips do indeed do that on women but perhaps it is how low it occurs or something, its just not sitting right.
Other than its spectacular.


she has no belly button


The big dot is the belly botton. The hips are disgusting, I looked at your profile, I think they look the exact same. No woman with a waist that skinny has low love handles like that. Also, turn down the line size on the hip/nipple bits, its way too bold in the image. $4

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