love and war through a periscope

  • by jwalsh
  • posted Sep 09, 2006

I listened to the song on repeat for a few hours before sketching out and coming up with this design. I wanted to create a scene that represented the song as best as possible, so I took many elements from the lyrics and drew a scene I felt best represented the song. The scene is being viewed through a Periscope, which is a subtle way of including the name of the band "The Submarines" without writing it on the design.

Here are some of the lyrics that the design depicts: Behind the sweet Summer fade, And on a coast Not Far away... You had your doubts We had our rows Said our goodbyes but Now we're taking vows... I should be gone Cast away But still I'd love you Through all peace and hate.... In light of all Darkest things The fire glimmers And the darkness sings... Forever more Peace and hate Love and war Declare a new state.

Watch this

the only problem i have with this is if i were wearing it in the middle of some crazy gang warfare, i might be a pretty easy target!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

love the idea - and the execution is stellar!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Looks great and I ADORE your ink colors.

I'd tweak the ripples in the water a bit, they look sloppy and too sparce. But that's a nit-picking comment.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys!! Mezo that's a great comment and very true. I actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make them look right... I tried more detailed etc but this looked the best too me but you are right there is something off about them still.... I will work on that!!

staffell profile pic Alumni

I read mezo's comment as tweak the nipples in the water a bit, they look sloppy... O_O whoops!

Eitherway, great colours, but a few suggestions for you: My first would be directed to the fire in the background - I think it suffers from only being one colour. Also, personally I think offsetting the little boat in the middle ro the right might help a little bit with composition, but what do I know?


very nice..i agree about the water comment tho.


The fire looks a little goofy, but other than that, it's pretty good. I like it better on the army green.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

thanks guys glad you like it. the fire does look a bit goofy with one color i agree but theres not much that can be done without making it five colors :D


The fire is fine. It is clear that it is supposed to be fire so I don't really see what the problem is. I like this submission a lot. Great job in my opinion.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

thanks! yes najiie it is engulfing a tall building, thats a good suggestion to have the building peak through though :D


I really love this song and think this design totally captures the song!! I want this far as the other comments I think the fire is great
this is an artists interpretation after all - I would prefer for the waves to be erased so the "love" side is truly calm but thats up to you as the designer :) . You do great work.


aww i think its really cutee
the idea is nice


now that is cool...$5


great design, you really put a lot of though into it. $5!


The colors look great! Nice concept/thought. Befits the contest.


i like the idea behind this. and the design is so eye-catching & neat, I love it! :D


i just wish the flames were more flame-ish.


wicket...if I were a fan walking down the street, I would get that shirt right away...good design, I love it 5$

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