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  • by Karnaf
  • posted Sep 09, 2006

here is the uprgraded one.

Watch this

There are some things that Star Wars just can't parody... and I feel that this is one of them. The design is a good one, and I see where you are going, but I feel that her gown looks too much like a dress, and that there should be text on his/her tablet. Perhaps 'a long time ago... in a galaxy far far away'. Also, lightsabers glow, they do not focus their light at a point like the one on this shirt does. I am giving it a 4 for good execution of design, but I would not wear this shirt. Of course, I am not a designer and I am sure that there are tons of people who would wear Darth Liberty. ^_^


Also, also... to be a stickler.... Anakin was badly burnt, therefore the exposed arm of Darth Vader would not be baby smooth, it would be all... burny. :-p


this is a lot better than the first one


Still dumb.


AHHHH!!! AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!! this is amazing. i love darth vadar shirts...keep them coming :)

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It's good, but...

1. The right hand should be mechanical.
2. The entire left arm should be mechanical.
3. The lightsaber would look a lot better without the torch base.

Good idea, right now I'd give it a 3.


Hahahahaha Fantastic! Either I or my boyfriend would wear this!


i would defintaely buy it! love it!


this is better, but not a bulls eye


I love people who spell darth VADER right.. Vadar? And yes according to the scrolls and local lore, His arm would be all 'Burny' as so well put by whoever up there. I am a Starwars geek and would not buy it just because of that. I will give you a 4 for the design and scope of vision however.


Are you guys kidding, you wouldn't but it because he doesn't have burns or a robot arm or any of that?

IT'S A JOKE SHIRT! It's the Statue of Liberty and Darth Vader, if he changes too much he risks losing perspective on the joke just to make the Star Wars super-fans happy. Sheesh.


im not even a fan of star wars and this rocks ass everyone is too picky about this shit why change alol thats hit? then noone would recognize that its the state of liberty, fuck off $5


Why not lol


I would think Princess Leah would be more fitting


The star wars dork in me loves this, but I would not wear it.
On a different note, I'm buying Lego Star Wars: The OPriginal Trilogy tomorrow. Yayyy.


┬┐El Placement?


nice design, but whenever you touch Starwars there will ALWAYS be the "super geeks" to point out all the details you missed. 5


Vader also doesn't wear a robe, hold a book or reside on Liberty Island. This design is a hybrid of the two characters, and I thinking leaving some things statuesque, like the smooth arm, actually improves the design. Bickering about SW details on something like this takes away from the design. I think this is coming along very well, good job.


i love it this is awsome!!!!!!


Thisa is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. 5$


***much better than the first one

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1) this looks like a couple of mashed together live trace objects
2) the design colors look unappealing on that shirt color
3) I have no idea what it looks like on a shirt
4) what does darth vader have to do with liberty?




i chuckled when i saw this, but since threadless already has a shirt with 'Darth' on it (Dark Side of the Garden, i believe), i'm not sure this will fly

Some Person

i would wear it, but i wouldn't buy it ( does that make sense?) anyway i gives ya' a 4 cuz i loves me some StarWars


i like it a lot, i would wear it, i know my boyfriend would love it (he'd want all the technical stuff fixed though)


OMG!!!!! I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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