Which Will It Be Today?

I can't say I could really see the character on Scrubs in my design, but I thought it was a nice, economic design anyhow. Sometimes less is more in my opinion.

Watch this

i like this a lot

soaring penguin

i really like it but it seems that from a distance it would be hard distinguish between the two shapes so i'm not certain that it would work well on a t-shirt... but the graphics are great so maybe bigger and less fruits would work better to make such a sutble design clearer... just a suggestion... nice work!


i feel like it would be kind of cool if you had like reversed color on one or two

Master Duck

Simple and elegant. Not compelling, but pretty stylish. With something minimal and geometric like this, I would put it on white, not natural, since that has a sort of grainy texture to it.


Ah, thanks for the heads up Master Duck. I'm new to threadless and wasn't really aware that "natural" has a grain to it. I think you're right then. I just saw the color on the template and thought it looked nice.


i like the idea and the colours, but this would work better for me if there were some small variations in the shapes of the apples and if the oranges were not perfectly round. it just has a bit of a cut and paste feel right now, and slight imperfections would heighten the interest a lot.


I couldn't agree more with loolica.

I love the simplicity.



its simple and weak!!! sorry about the negativity but its not my style thats all..


dirtygraphix... gee, thanks for the insight.

I can take criticism if it offers up something knowledgeable to sink my teeth into like loolica's comment, but your comment doesn't really seem to serve anyone but yourself. Go leave comments on your own page if that's all you're in it for.


hey... that's almost a work of a genius! love it $

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