This shirt reflects the pharmaceutical companies and their amazing ability to always come up with a new pill. And that pills for the side effects that the first pill comes with. Here’s to you guys and your ridiculous amounts of money.

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Because of the symmetry of the design, it would probably look better centered. Very cool concept though. It would probably look best on dark grey.


Nope, not centered for sure. Centered would look terribly wrong on guys.


...not to mention girls. off centre, def. simple, but i like it.


Sick design, Id buy it no doubt. Probably should have main color as white


Reminds me of that Doctor Mario game...


This exact design on dark grey..Beautiful...


AKIRA! Or was the Akira pill white and red? What ev. Oh you got lil ones in there nice.


Do not center and dark grey is Oh Kay. I like placement--but scale down the size iif only by a smidgen. 5$


Just a tiny bit smaller, keep it off center and go with gray. 5


I love this!! My friends always make fun of me for having five different types of pills in my purse at all times!! Hoorah for pills! $5


Love it.

It'd be better if some of the bigger mini-pills split into even smaller mini-mini pills.


Clever. But I think I would get tired of explaining it to the masses!


Awesome idea. I work in the pharmacetical industry and my only criticism...I think the pill shapes and colors could be more varied, maybe add some tablets of varieing shapes.


^I agree, different shapes and colors.. :)

It's neat though, and I like the placement. It almost looks like a broken heart with pills pouring out.. haha


great suggestions!! thanks alot guys. i really dig the comment by "Pointed", nice, i never thought of that.

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