• by stewy
  • posted Sep 06, 2006

multiple choice. you make your choices...i'll make mine.

Watch this

i like this :) especially the colours $4


how can you not get this?
nice idea for the contest..4
but i wouldnt buy it


haha thanks for the comment anyway.


I just don't.

Hey, you could explain it though.


good idea, i think it coulda been executed a little better though... sorry i cant give you any specifics, something just isnt working for me. 4


Yeah, is it...supposed to spell something? I dunno, other than that it just looks like a scantron sheet. And, that's not inherently soemthing I would wear on a shirt. Also, it's too big! For my tastes, at least.

Frankie Sinclair

I don't get it either. OH! yeah I see. It's kind of like funny because you don't know what the questions are. But it only works with the competition slogan.


To the people that aren't understanding it, standardized tests in the US (I'm not sure where else) use a sheet called a scantron.

It's got a b c d e which correspond to multiple choice questions on another handout your teacher would give to you....

we have to fill in the circle for the answer that we think is right, and the scantrons are fed through a machine that knows the right answers and calculates our grades based off it...

That's what a scantron is at least.

And I like this shirt. :)


For those that don't get're probably reading too much into it. Its just a scantron. Great idea! Too big though.


No offense, but I loathe scantrons T_T


I think it's too big. Also, I think it would be funny if the choices made some kind of picture or design. But that's just me.


i thought about making a picture. if i had the scantron running down one side of the shirt and it designed a christmas tree or something, i thought that might be funny. but i went simple and big, but i think too big. thanks for the comments everyone. keep it coming. i'll probably submit another design soon.




Personally, I think it's brilliant! I would wear it to my uni exams so that when I'm stuck I can just copy the answers off my shirt! Tho I never knew they were called scantrons.. maybe that's just a US thing..


I still give is a $5, but the idea you said about it being down the side and dotted like a christmas tree would be awesome, I would definately buy that.


I thought I didn´t get it. Then it turned out I did, which is unfortunate. Not for me man, but I like the style

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This design is literally screaming out for a clever twist that isn't there..I can actually hear it in the War Games computer voice monotoning out in scantron form "A A A A A- EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" You should make it smaller and borrow my favorite joke from the Dr. Dre- Ed Lover comedy "Who's the Man?" and spell "ABACADABA" all the way down twice!


but at first i though they spelled something out.. haha.. i really like this though.


far too big. but I like it.


think it is a tad too big. maybe a cute little one in the centre or something. do like it though =3


I like the general idea, but I do think that it would look better if the image was smaller and had more circles, like a real scantron sheet.


It spells Bike a Dick FYI.


I agree that it's a little big, but I love the design and colors! Overall, I really like it.


i feel like it would be better if it spelled something


when in doubt... pick "C"! i would go all "C"s, but it's great how it is. good job!


As a University student very familiar with scantron sheets, I love it, but I think the image could be a little bit smaller maybe.


I concur that I would like it if the image were a little smaller.


I'm sad, because I had this idea a month ago, when the contest was announced, and now I can't use it. The reason yours isn't a quicker read for people is because scantrons are ovals, and the ABCDE's are blue, along with the ovals, so that the scanner only picks up the pencil lead. (I put my idea on hold because I was looking for the right word to spell in the ovals. Ah well, I learned a lesson too and good luck to you!)


You should make it one of those long green scantrons and have it running down the side.


Maybe it should ask the question followed by the penciled in answer.

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I love playing bingo....even if the best part is yelling out BINGO!


Haha! Nice going! Who would have thought about THAT!

Villain Clothing

I would like it better if it was A all the way down and then the last one was E. Either way, good design, great concept.


As other people have pointed out, it looks like there should be something else to it. I don't just wanna wear a scantron with random letter that have no significance what-so-ever. I want a shirt that's clever. Perhaps... Make it a whole exam sheet, but the coloured dots spell out or draw something that relates to the whole "choice" concept... Maybe title the exam "Life" (perhaps a bit, corny, but you get the idea)... It just needs something else.

Here is a quick mockup I did in Photoshop as a visual representation of what i'm talking about.


thanks for all the feedback. last day of voting. just so you know.

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