Rainy Day

This is a simple illustration of a girl in red galoshes on a rainy day. A three-color design: dark blue, red and white, on a light blue tee.

Watch this

i think is really beautiful. i like the placement. $5


Welcome... great first submission!

Love the style, the little details really make good use of the colour limitations, without losing the simplicity of it all. Not sure about the rain, but I think it would look better in the cotton as it would curve around the wearers body.

Look forward to seeing more of your stuff :o)

D an aa a

organ donor took the word right out of my mouth




I'd love it even more if you could make the rain look less forced/organized, and more scattered/random.


I like rain/umbrella designs. This one is great, love the colors. Nice work.


Reminds me of a childrens book illustration Ive seen.


looks like something I've seen before..
ohh well. it's cute.


i like the design and placement a lot...class, saradeviva

j the tshirt horder

it reminds me of a book i read when i was a kid...cute


Uh i'm pretty sure this is the MORTON SALT LOGO. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but its a lil eery. I don't want anyone picking me up and shaking me whilst I wear this shirt hoping that delicious salt will fall from my skull

Mazy Mallone

i really love this design ... the colors and the way it slants like that. but i would like it better, if the girl was bigger. $5


the salt girl? lol...I need this, I'm like a salt addict...


iodine is good for body and soul



I know it reminds me of the Morton Salt girl, but I love the colors and illustration--especially the galoshes! Nice work...


what is it with you people and salt?


I LOVE THIS! would definately buy it :)

The Captain of Awesome

This design was done about half a year ago. I remember voting for it.


i like the placement, and the simple-ness :S personally, i would like a cloud at the top tho


Great design, I wouldn't wear it because it's girly but it deserves 5$.


its great, prob best in kids size. love the curves on the dress & umbrella. very slick

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