painting with peace

  • by bracken
  • posted Sep 06, 2006

I wanted to create something that related to a subject of importance to me that was heartfelt and happy and this is what I came up with. The subjects stand close and confidently holding a dove (peace) in place of a paintbrush in a powerful pose. The idea is that two men can love eachother and that we should not squabble over others preference and paint ourselves with peace.

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it's a cool design, but i think it has a very limited audience as far as a tshirt design goes. i still like it though!


um.... i dont mean to be rude or nothing, but as a rule i dont want crotch cupping on my shirts


Nice design work and idea.....but I don't want two nearly naked dudes on my chest. I imagine a lot of people wouldnt wear it even if they like the design.


Is it that bird's crap all over them? Or, I won't go there.


Nice illustration.

I don't like the crotch cupping either tho.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

id wear that. it will turn a few heads and its a cool illustration. if you can wear a shirt with a guy and girl, why not any other combo? humbug i say


i like the whole idea and the design but i wouldn't wear it..


I love the idea and the message behind the shirt. But, I agree with the others. The crotch cupping is not something I'd want on my shirt. Nor almost neked men. I realize that a gay guy would wear it... but that means your limiting yourself.


i thought gay men were supposed to have good style, this design sucks




I hate when people just say "no". what the hell is "no" referring to? same with the dumbshit above him. It's called critiquing, not being assholes. Alright, with that out of the way, I think this is a really cool idea, and I think it could be redone in a way that would appeal to more people. It's obvious that the crotch cupping isn't appealing to very many people, and in my opinion it subliminally sends the message that gay men are "obsessed" if you will, with penises. The white splatters also seem a little vulgar. A lot of people are uncomfortable with homo sexuality, not that they are against, they aren't use to it, so a design like this will most likely not get printed on threadless. I'd say you would need to target a a gay audience through gay friendly web sites in order to get a shirt like this to the print shop.


I'm really pro gay-rights, but I just wouldn't wear this, sorry =\


Nice execution, but I keep it straight.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

oh, i got you good


theyve been sperminated!


I think, despite the dissent on here, you got what you came for, so to speak. I doubt you truly expected such a flagrantly niche oriented shirt to be printed, but you stirred the pot a little. Way to rustle some emo feathers, my man. A solid 5! (no $)


Total props for designing something that makes you happy.

I don't think too many people who this shirt would also make happy would want to wear it though. Not only are you going for a nearly 100% gay audience, you are also going for guys who want to actually wear a t-shirt of two Asian-looking guys in their underpants, one holding a dove, and the other his crotch. So that's like... not many people.


Why is it that whenever someone does something gay-related it has to be about sex? Can't you draw some fully clothed men for heaven's sake.



What about 2 chicks on both sides with a guy in the middle? I’d wear that


i've never seen THAT much dove shit.. it even got on that guys FACE.
no wonder they aren't smiling..
heartfelt and happy? are u kidding me! they're about to kill that dove.


I am Ninja, He is Ninja, She is Nin-Ja Too

Pure Rez

Cool design, but again, I think that it would make people pretty uncomfortable to wear it. Undeniably creative, however. Kudos!


it's a very good design, but don't think it's right for a tee shirt, well, for most.


good stuff


I don't think it really hits Threadless' market. But I love it. And would wear it. $5

Montro profile pic Alumni

why they are covered with bird poo is beyond me. I like it.


I just don't think that this has mass appeal....


i understand the whole peace and acceptance of gay people, but is the crotch thing really needed? i wouldnt wear it because there are two guys wearing underwear on my shirt. it over emphasizes alot. dove + tight underwear = ......peace??? i dont think so.


love doesn't equal sexual relation, btw.




i like the design and generally what you're trying to say, but i can't say i'd wear it.

anyway, i'd like this similar message on a design more subtle, which would appeal to a larger audience, i think.

aled profile pic Alumni

I was thinking of wearing a t-shirt saying 'I AM GAY AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW', but I'll just wait for this to be printed.

illa ficon

good design but uhh is that paint?


the two male signs are unnecessary

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I agree with both.

I don't wear shirts with women in their underwear cupping their...cooters.


Ha Ha! Wear this to school just to freak your teacher! *$!!!


i really love the shirt, everything about it, but I wouldn't be aloud to wear this at school, which is where I wear the clothes I like.


Your message could have been portrayed, I think, just as well if they were wearing clothes and their hands not cupping their junk. You went for shock value, the price of which is the chance to mass produce your design and thus your message.


i understand why you think the rawness of this was done for shock, but i must assert it was not done for that purpose but by means of another purpose. it is not a marketing ploy using sex/shock to sell.

There will be another chance.


i don't know why people are saying this shirt is for a small audience... i'm not gay and i would wear this shirt if it were conceptualized a little bit better. you don't have to be gay to support gay rights.

i think that if you had the two guys clothed and kissing each other or holding hands or something like that, without the splatter or the dove or the male symbols that would be more effective. maybe you could have a dove symbol or a peace sign in the background to convey the peace aspect of it...

i don't know, i'm not trying to tell you how to design your shirts, just a few ideas i guess. feel free to disregard them. i just want you to be able to get your message across in a way that will be printed here. because unlike a lot of people that have commented on here, i'm confident and supportive enough of any human being to wear a shirt that supports them and makes them "happy"


sorry if that was too long or too preachy, by the way!


cool design but i would never wear a shirt with two nearly nude boys... 4... regardless


sorry, i like your theory and design...but there is just that one massive jizz shot on there that made me laugh...its impressive


K so, I don't have a problem with people's choices, but I think most people are saying, "I like this design but..." when they really mean, there isn't a lot to this design, but I don't want to sound like a gay basher. So think what you like, but I don't like anything about the design.


i love the idea but not many people would wear men in underwear on their shirt because... well clothes cover that stuff.... but it is a beautiful piece of art.


interesting design.. nice way to get a conversation going hey?

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