Hombre Caballo (That's Man / Horse in Spanish)

Centaurs have toes?

Watch this

i really like this for some reason. as for color, i like the dark b lue on teal (?) in the enlargement the best. don't know if i would place it off center on the shirt, though.


i like the illustration but i wish it was centered on the shirt rater than off to the side


Uhm, Centaurs don't have cloven hooves. They are half horse, not goat.


I happen to be an enormous douche bag

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I don't like how the lines intersect the words some times, and are not equidistant from the numbers.


this is a great design. i like the dark blue on the lighter background the best. $5


Why is a creature from Greek mythology set up with some spanish labels? rock the ancient greek, it's abeautiful language, and a beautiful alphabet.


fix the lines and centaurs dont have cloven hooves but other than that BUENO!

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Hmm...shouldn't "dedo del pie" be "pezuña" instead?
Other than that i like it.


All good comments, except for the centering and the equidistant. Keep it where it is, but shoe that horse.


agreed with tsb
also, maybe fix the line with number 3.


i would by it just cuz' i'm a sagittarius....very clever.


I'm pretty sure a MYTHICAL creature can have cloven hooves if you want it to.


myths, like most lasting stories, have internal consistencies. A centaur is a horses body with the neck and head replaced by a human torso, 'and goats feet' is not part of the myth... The Tee is even called man/horse.
Niggling little inconsistencies can undermine an otherwise quality design, people are just trying to be helpful.


I believe this has been proven here in the past...Babelfish = not good.

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