A Kite for Kate

Resubbed for size. I hope you all dig this one. I'll post a link to the detailed version once it's up and running. Cheers!

Watch this

love the cloud and the tombstone :) $

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Hit me back with feedback. What you like, what you don't like...what you're having for lunch. Dude's gotta get feedback to improve his work.


i like the design, but why the tombstone?
and im having a tuna sammich for lunch

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The design is about the life cycle. Flower representing birth, the girl representing life and the tombstone...well, it's a tombstone.

Enjoy ye lunch while ye may.


this is my favorite. eek i want.


oooh, i see.. i guess i didnt see the first post, thanks for the explanation


I like the lunchboxbrain.


I would buy a shirt with just that cloud on! Love.


I really like your concept and the whole shirt.

I don't really like the girl's hair though.
(( I know it's petty. ))

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hm, I didn't realize it was a life cycle-
the flower perhaps blends into the scenery or background - the flower doesnt seem to make a statement of "birth" or life" - it doesn't read as life cycle to me. It does have a square feel going on (it leades my eye around a square shape)
it did though make me wonder, who's grave it is her kite is flying over.? I like the quirky feel to the girl and the cloud, those are quite cute :)


get rid of the tombstone


hmm.. I agree with bluebirdie completely. the girl/cloud/kite are super cute and the flower works, but the tombstone doesn't really fit. it is a pretty cute tombstone though.... and your post reminded me that I'm hungry - thanks! dinnertime.


reminds me of the hellogoodbye website opener. blowin to a city near you.

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I had originally planned on putting an old mangy dog where the tombstone was but felt it would be too cutesy.

Excellent feedback. Thanks everyone.


wow u done excellent job!! the colors r lovely!


personally think you should make a whole shirt design with that damn cute cloud. then you'd have a winner. but, its cute in its little way i suppose. though i dont like big designs as a whole, so that puts me off a tad. =/


I looove that cloud !


LOVE the idea. It's a little too cartoony to be absolutely perfect, but still $5 for the concept. I'd really like it on a cream shirt. Oh, and I think the kite string should be taught with the wind blowing like that.

¡ Squirrel Lover !

i like it a lot.......and it has a poetic meaning too.
poetic is good
colors are nice and simple


i like the idea, but I would work on the layout. It looks abit squarish now and the whitespace is abit awkward?

You could try varying the sizes of the different things more for a better effect. ie bigger tombstone, smaller cloud/kite..

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The layout was/is an issue. I know most folks here prefer smaller designs, but with this illustration, that was difficult to accomplish. I probably could scale it down 10-15%.

Thanks for all the comments everyone!


I like the idea... there's something funny about the girl.


very fun and sweet.

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