Sexual Orientation

Been using the symbols to design some artwork for a client and was inspired to explore a bit more with the symbol. I think it is cute to explore the sexuality using the symbols. If threadless reject the design, then I cant share my ideas with you all out there.

Watch this

kiddy porn in the bottom orgy?


It's a cute-ish idea but I would never wear it.


What ^she^ said.

Dr. Elusis

No way with the gang bang. And the omission of bisexual. And the suggestion that "hetero" equals "one guy with a lot of chicks." Also, the arrow on the male symbol is meant to go up at an angle to the right, not straight up and down.


How come a gang bang can't be multiple girls and 1 guy??? And how come lesbians & gays don't have a monogamous representation??


I love how everyone's getting all huffy about "incorrect representation" XD It's a SHIRT. Only so much will fit. Anywho, cute idea, but I wouldn't wear it... 3.


i don't get why theres loads of them in a three some?????


Since the various permutations of threesome are represented as a group, why not do the same for monogamous? Also, the heart around monogamous implies (at least to me) that of all the types of sexuality/sex you've tried to show here, straight monogamy is the only relationship involving love.


the threesome dosent have 3 people in it


i agree with pihman..


Wow, I did not know my artwork will cause so many arguments and questions. I know the male symbol is on an angle. It looks better like that. There are 4 threesome category. Just for fun, so calm down people.


Why is the mongomous relationship only for heterosexuals?


i'd wear it! $5'd


i wish i could score lower than zero.


How come the sheep f**kers aren't on there...what about old people.....what about a-sexual.....waaaaa waaaaa. design your own politically/anatomically/symbolically correct one if you don't agree with this one.

On that note......5....but I wouldn't wear it.


personally, who gives a toss. its a shirt people. and i think its a cute idea, go you for submitting it! but still, i wouldnt wear it, cause as you can see, so much roaring comes from it.


I like it, but Heterosexual and straight is the same thing. In place of hetero you should put Nimphomaniac.


I don't just reminds me of a cheesy Spencer's shirt or something. (assuming you know what Spencer's is..)

Mazy Mallone

OMG! i want this shirt ... the firs thing i saw was 'gangbang' and that just killed me! $5

Brett F.



I think that the shirt would be an really great design if it was just the TOP line only! Great Concept. $5


The threesome is just showing the four different types of possible threesomes. jeez.


nice, but would not wear it


Hmm, I like nymphomaniac. I will add more and do better next time haha. Just show that I am quite innocent.


I like it, but w/o the text it would be better, not so in your face and ppl might stop and have to think... it would have more heureka! effect




I agree with pihman about the heart around monogamous.

panda kid

i would take this, and only put the ones that are actually representing sexual orientation, (the straight, the lesbian, and the gay) and put one big heart around them to show its all love. its not what youre going for, but i think its a way to incorporate the signs and all that without offending people sensetive towards this, the ones getting mad you have incorrect representation. i dunno, its not really a suggestion. and im sure its been done before. but theres just too many different combinations to keep people happy.




I'm not to bothered by the PC non PC arguments, but personally I think the gang bang design is a little too violent... maybe I'm just being a big girl about it, but I think it kindof looks like gang rape to me!!

andre p

Replace "gangbang" with "bukkake". I was disappointed when I read the caption.
Consider adding a "doggy style". I think it'd be funny.

Too much PC going around here.

andre p

No line breaks means I sound like a robot.


wow, really great, I would love to wear this shirt!


I left Bi out, ops......(blushed)


I find this to be offensive. Particularly: "single" "monogamous" "gangbang" and "heterosexual". Lots of assumptions made in this shirt...

Pesto Bong

Nice idea. I think you should redesign it with some of the above comments in mind. I know that some people think that is PC crap but from a sales point of view you'd do a lot better if people didn't feel alienated by the design.

Maybe this could even become four separate designs: one of sexual orientations (hetero, homo, bi, a, etc.), one of sex & gender (male, female, intersex, masculine, feminine, neuter, transgender, transexual, etc.), one of romantic circumstances (single, dating, monogamous, married, polygamous, polyromantic, biromantic, etc.) and one of the sexual encounters (eg. threesome, orgy, bukkake, etc.)

Just a suggestion, but if you don't do it then I might!


i don't really like this, it is somehow offensive to me.


It's a fucking shirt, not a god damn admendment. Chill out.

Pesto Bong

I disagree with the whole "It's just a shirt" argument. If you are walking around in public with a banner that says, for example, "Death to niggers" then you are going to cause offence to a lot of people. Putting the same message on a shirt doesn't alter that fact.

I'm not bashing on this design, anyway. I think it could be really good with some amendments, and I don't find it at all offensive.


I think it is a good idea Pesto. Thanks. I did not know my design will cause so much argument and disagreement.

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