Taking the dive

  • by Valrico
  • posted Sep 04, 2006

In romantic matters, the degree of difficulty approaches infinity.

Watch this

I like the concept a lot, but you should definitely change the color of the shirt. Aqua might look cool; or orange for a great color contrast as well as summery feel.


This one definitely made me smile more than the others. Nice. Very nice.


"Bleh"? Now that's an intelligent observation...


I happen to be an enormous douche bag


clever. abstract. provocative.
the kind of design that intrigues at first, and rewards later.

i really like the thought behind it.


I'd buy it!!!!!


Like a great movie, this shirt appeals to the viewer on many different levels and gets better each time you view it.


Homer in 3D!


I would love to dive into a space-time puddle.


I love the design but I hate the black, otherwise a $5


I know black's not a favorite shirt color, but it just seemed right for a shirt that includes a black hole/wormhole/whatever. That said, I just tried a whole bunch of color variations - and I have to agree, it looked surprisingly good on orange. (Thanks, AzrimEkim and uniracer!) Blue rings seemed wrong, but worked well in darker orange and brown. Cool.

Master Duck

I love the idea and the design, with a few changes: the lines for the vortes are way too thick, and one diving board would suffice. Also, I don't know how you'd do this, but it'd be nice to visually connect it with the ground beneath it, so it doesn't seem to be floating. Other than that, a very compelling design.


Ah, but the contest said entries should be about choices - which explains the two diving boards. Thanks for the comments.

Empty Set

I'd buy it. 5.


Im not sure about the colours


it makes me feel violently ill


First off, $5. I'd buy on orange or a goldenrod. Other than that the high dive seems slightly off. Like it wouldn't land in the vortex. Maybe it's me. Good though.


And stop with the good design. I was gonna enter this competition.

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