The Cutest Shirt Ever!

Bunnies, kitties, rainbows, pandas, puppy love, hearts, butterflies, inanimate objects (like clouds) with faces, and ponies!

Guaranteed to be so saccharine your teeth hurt!

No text will be on the actual shirt.

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R_G profile pic Alumni


crisco disco

it's cute and shit, but i'd get gay bashed fro shro


the bunnies are really cute
and so is the panda
i'd wear a shirt with just the bunnies or just the panda


Take that panda, and make her large enough for her own shirt. THAT I would buy. This...this is too sweet for my delicate teeth.


I LOVE YOU!!!! i just wish it was a unicorn and not a pony... or atleast pegasus or something special


Love the concept but there is some cuteness missing.. maybe the unicorn as said earlier .. I don't think the little people are cute enough... this has to be cute to the extreme so i'd buy it.

Love the color choice. 4 for now.


Actually. I could see this being a funny guys shirt for those who are secure in their manhood.


haha i would buy that for my sister


All my friends know that I love rainbows and kittens. I would buy this for sure.


okay make the design darker and I would buy it./


I happen to be an enormous douche bag


Oh lord! I don't know...I would have loved it when I was 10. I'd like to see slightly darker colours (not so muted).


I also agree with prettylostgirl...if it was just the panda then I would wear it. Just a little too much cuteness for myself, but I understand what you are trying to do.


Oh holee cuteness. That is adorable. I admit it. I'd wear it. LOL And it would be perfect for my 4 year old niece.


cutest tee ever? YEAH totally agree, i'd wear this in a nanosecond hahaha...$$$5 just not on heather please; might make it just too cloyingly sweet :P


Yeah, I'd wear it. 5$


I'd make the heart smiley too-- it seems like everything else is. I agree with lovebunnies that the pony should be a unicorn or pegasus.

And also to slightly disagree with avalanchelynn-- make it pink to twist the cute knife all the way.


omg!! thats totally awesome!


I LOVE PONIES! and i love the cute liddle one you drew!


i think this would be a funny shirt for a guy


cute design. guys would get funny looks wearing this. $5


Cute, but Threadless has a male clientel as well


I think a guy with the right attitude can totally pull it off.

And there are girls who buy guys sizes...


I am unfortunately still chronically insecure. I mean I put ont hat pink shirt, and it totally did not make me feel cool. And yes, there is a kind of man that can pull it off, a flamer.

Still I would totally respect the guy who wore it. Only respect him behind his back though.


gut shirt! I would also wear it as a girl but only with combat boots.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

I'd wear this!! But would a guy wear it?

Montro profile pic Alumni

If i didn't have a manly beard, shaved head, chest hair, low voice, violent temper, psychotic-looking eyes, gigantic fists, a black belt in Jujitsu, an Italian dad, jail time, extreme testosterone levels, quality sperm count, a loyal posse and fierce rottweillers to count on, I don't think i'd be able to wear this.

Since I do, you get a $5


sooo cute, my brain is on overload! I love the pony, and the kitty, oh geez, I love it... however, I dunno if I would wear it.. nevertheless its great


"not for a dude" agreed


the sales for the guy shirts would be pretty much nonexistent

Kramer and Sprenger

Make the colors brighter and I would totally buy it. This shirt is totally for dudes! 5$$


the colors brighter would be AWESOME!

but the shirt now is SOOO CUUUTE too.

:D I love it! $5


Aaaawww! I don't really like the colors but the image is awesome!


This is adorable! Takes me back to my childhood... :P $$

Toivo a gift for a little niece maybe...


...I' gonna go kick a puppy now...


It's a cute design, but I don't think I'd wear it. Work with the panda, though, and I'd buy it.


overly cute. lol. but those bunnies are just right! ...makes me want to buy it for my sister or something. haha


this oozes with cuteness

smell that?

I smell a print!

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