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pieces of me

  • by seven K
  • posted Sep 01, 2006

After watching the trailer I thought about how everything around us consitutes who we are from moment to moment. I've submitted my intial reaction to it which obviously can be resolved further. This graphic depicts the piecing together of an idividaul. a jigsaw cutout in the sternum embodies the core of that person for which a fit is yet to be discovered whilst everything else around him combines to give him form and shape. All of which will hopefully bring the centre. The essence of the person. His core.

Watch this

nice explanation however only decent depiction of your concept.


nice ashlee simpson refrence.

nice design.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

nice work but seriously lay off the nipples.


fake nipples?


for the design.. does the guy have a longsleeve shirt on his head?


LOL I can't help but be distracted by the nipples.

crisco disco

DAMN. i hate when i see designs that i dont really like but have to give a five to because of nipples.

root beer

Geez, how symmetrical do nipples have to be for someone to not call them cock-eyed?


...nipples are good....


1) Unfortunate Ashlee Simpson reference
2) ...I don't get how anyone determined those to be nipples
3) ...I'm not sure I like the design, sorry


Triene, they meant on the chick, not the design. haha.

root beer

2) What else would they be?!


Really like the design, love the framents coalescing, looks really nice. The lumpy shapes at the top and bottom take away from the crispness of the rest of the image though, they're more distracting than anything.


i dont like the puzzle piece in the middle. otherwise i like it




bulletgayvador bitch about this design coz he wants to see some cocks instead of nipples.

GAY! Lick your dog's ass. Or fuck your dog, whatever I don't care, faggot.


Those are some nice nipples.


Tits McGee in the house.

seven K

Thanks for the input. I've taken it on board. Other opinions are always good. Apologies about the picture I'll sort it out. cheers


Mmm, fripple-y.

But I like the design.


Those nipples don't even look like nipples.


I think the design is too ambiguous - could be resolved with more careful placement. And the nipples? I've seen better:)

aled profile pic Alumni

Cool style. I like the choice of nipples. Did I say nipples? I meant colours.

seven K

hmmm. I guess I deserve this rushing this in the way I did. Definitely the idea could have been resolved a little but dropping that photo in there without taking out the bits that everyone is fixating upon was unforgiveable! - groan- sorry babe!


everyone chill out theyre only nipples. instead lets focus on how the person's head looks like it has a huge growth or somehting....


watched what trailer.. i don't get this

seven K

mungo loves de boobies!

there's a trailer on the page for the 'last kiss' competition.


how bout them nips? not feeling design much.


I wish i had those kind of nipples

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