• by Mike D.
  • posted Aug 29, 2006

I've been wanting to do this shirt for a while. Help make it happen!

Watch this

I like it.
Maybe it would be nice in different colors?
Good job :)


This is the kind of sheet I want to put on my torso! $5,000!!!

Dr. Elusis

Needs color. In the design, in the shirt. It's not served by b&w at all.


I think it would be better with color. Maybe a purple shirt with yellow stars?


the stars look like theyre hanging weird, or am i just crooked


i think this idea has so much potential
dont give up if it doesnt get through the first time

i see it as a marianette of stars
and i like the perspective of the X's, and the quality of the texture around it.
My issue with it is the stars... I think they need more depth, or more of a feeling like they are hanging by strings, or in motion.
Here, they still seem like you used the "star tool" in a drawing program. The rest of the design has so much personality, and it's be nice if you give that to the stars - make them more "your own".


this shirt is so totally me it's scary. so is the fact i just said "so totally." $5


I like the idea...but I donno...something about the approach doesn't do it for me.


i don't like the two of them,
i think that one would really do.
but i deffinately like the idea...
and how about some more color?

single, color and i'd give it a $5,
for sure.


I like it in black and white. Leave the colors alone. 5!!!


you said it steph. i'm with you. very nice mike. me likey.


at first I was like "what the heck?!" then I got it :] it's simple in a nice way. 4/5.


This is something I think would look really nice if it was kinda... off to the side. The idea really appeals to me but I imagine this more on a longer shirt or more stretched vertically to really give the impression of dangling from high up by strings.

I agree about the colors; a nice dark cool color would seem suitable or the trademark black with pale yellow stars. I just might be biased towards purple shirts or whatnot.

The 'stardust' looks a bit... odd, though?


i'd totally buy this.


Pretty boring. Definitely needs more color, both in the design and shirt itself.


staaar puppets in flight, cool t-shirt de-light!
staarrrr puppets in flight, five-dollar delight!


stars might look more interesting if they are angled differently. If you can't see all 5 points of the stars perfectly, like they are paper cutouts in a bedroom mobile? no?

Egon Laastad

Everything about this shirt is nice except for the fact that stars only shine at night. Make the motif white and the shirt black, and I´ll buy it!


stay punk-rock mike. if people want color they can buy spraypaint! too many canned illustrator drawings on threadless anyway that look like clipart. werd!


love it! personally I like the black and white. if you do go color, dont go crayon-crazy with super bright purple and blue and yellow and pink.


theres something horrifically ugly about this. I'm afraid to scroll up to the top of the page to rate it


I ADORE this. I love the bits of stardust (but maybe something a little more sparkly-looking rather than dust? not sure), and I really like that it's black and white, I think color could get too busy and distract from the nice graphic-ness of this. Agree that the stars could use some personality though, even just twirling some of them around so you're looking at them from an angle, would help.


Awesome, but not on a white shirt. On a blue shirt. Then I'd totally buy it.

Mike D.

i wish you wouldn't take the critical highground with me romolous! your cryptic "expert-speak" confuses me. perhaps, you might deign to comment exclusively in the "slogans" arena where your artistry and influence are, no doubt, well established and celebrated! thanks anyway!


color. four, for now. :]


I happen to be an enormous douche bag

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

where's all the girls complaining about not wanting stars hanging off their boobies cause they'll look like tinkerbell porn stars?!!?!?!? I guess you've finally found something that girls don't mind drawing even more attention to their lovely lady lumps...good job, that alone is worth a decent score, Mike D!!!


Don't say lumps. Really, don't. I'm glad you made it past the first day Mike.


I like the design, but the placement sucks.


I'd dig it if it had colors


I like the concept, but the x's kind of make me think of pasties.


not my style


i want to like it, but it needs a little work


...Pasties don't look like X's. Not if you're actually using it for bra purposes. Girls arent complaining because nipples are lower than the X's. God.

Don't add colour. And for gods sake, not purple and yellow. then itll look stupid. I have a feeling white on black could ruin it as well.

Stars need work, to look tilted, and not so clip arty. Otherwise, I'm down with it.


I think this is a design that needs to use the full length of the shirt; the stars need to be placed right down by the hem otherwise it'll look pretty weird on women.

I saw that blue-footed boobies shirt on the home page, has anyone done a "Young Frankenstein" "big knockers" shirt yet. Seems to be a category here. Whatever


Someone mentioned the stars look "clip arty"...they actually are the auto-stars made by Adobe Illustrator. I think it would help if the stars' shapes were altered so that they were a bit irregular and more organic. I like the concept...I just think the execution needs tweaking. I'd like to see the Xs looking less like sheered rectangles, also...something more "handmade."

The black and white wouldn't bother me too much if the execution were a bit more color is really cool. Maybe go white on dark navy blue???


Colour would help this out a lot. On a blue shirt it would look just lovely.


put that bad boy on different colors and you'd have a winner, no doubt about it

Mike D.

hi everyone, thanks for the comments! i appreciate the feedback. i agree in some cases, disagree with others, ultimately can't make any changes to it at this point, and barring the fact that i don't know how to put up multiple variations of a shirt for one submission, feel like it's out of my hands :) i guess what i'm going for is a little lost on the threadless demographic and that's okay. basically, the design was meant to look like a graffitti stencil, very basic, old-skool DIY. certainly not intended as a flex of illustrator prowess etc. more as a contrast to the shirts available on this website, something a little dirtier and less designer, some kind of nostalgic nod to the original punk shirts that were made with a little spray paint and no fancy screening equipment. not to worry, i'll post some more polished submissions in the future :)

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