I have discovered the secret to ordering threadless shirts in Canada.

Only ever order two shirts at a time... sure, this is frustrating for the times when you want more than two... but a package with two shirts in it comes straight to your door... whereas a package with three shirts goes to the post office.

And here's the catch... at the post office they make you pay "duty"... which in my experiences has been somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10 to 12 bucks... which does make a difference...

So, in conclusion... two shirts at a time... and the government of Canada (or what's left of it) gets none of your money.

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Even when I ordered 2 I still sometimes got charged duty. It was rare, but it still happened.


Yeah, I've gotten charged for a 2-shirt order before, but it arrived the same day as one of my bigger ones, so they caught it at the border. I usually just order one at a time now so it's not sent back to the post office, since I can't even get down there.
But they seriously freaking undercharge. You only pay like $4 or $5 in taxes, which is ridiculous. They valued a $50 USD order of mine at $30 CAD. Man.


Damn I wish I had thought about this before ordering 3 shirts last time, 10 bucks added to a 30$ order is a bit frustrating :/


My two largest orders (3 guy shirts / 2 girl shirts) have both been delivered right in my mailbox . woot for no duty!

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i think it's completely random. i ordered 1 shirt and it came straight to my mail box ( no duty). i've also ordered 1 shirt and had to pick it up at the post office and pay an extra $8 and change for duty (for 1 shirt!). that 1 shirt ended up costing me about $36.00 (canadian).


i've gotten charged $10 for 2 tees before, stupid duty. so i only ever buy one at a time now.

but i do remember making big orders (not threadless) before and not getting charged for those. so it's a luck thing too, but anything under $20, will always go straight to you


I bought five shirts once & I had to go pick it up and pay more than 20$. I'm still waiting on the three shirts that I ordered the first day of the sale, I'm guessing that I'll have to pick those up & pay duty on those.


okay... apparently i'm just blowing smoke out my ass...

i'm just talking from what my experience is... i've ordered 2 shirts twice and 3 shirts twice... and been charged duty both times for the 3 shirts and not for the 2...

thanks for the stories though...

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this used to work for me all the time and then doesnt work for me anymore...bah!


i hear so long as it's under 20$ can it's not checked. otherwise u get screwed


yeah...its a toss up for me. usually i try to keep it to two at a time. because they mostly just stuff it in my apartment mailbox.

but odd times, i get the tax. poop.


Well, I think it all boils down to how sweet the Threadless staff are feeling when they package your order of three shirts came without having to pay any duty because on the front label they posted the value at only $15...which let it slip through.


It really depends on how they pack it and what kind of packaging it is delivered in (big or small envelop). I normally order 2-3 max and they're shipped right to my door; however, I did my christmas shopping and bought 5 tees and had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for "duty". I just hoping my next order will come straight to my door!


Hi there, random question: what size shirt do u buy? in particular the Break Dance one.. I'm trying to buy a shirt for a friend and u look about his size.. cheers!!

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