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'no dungeon master worth his weight in gold goes anywhere without- his 20 sided die'


Watch this

completley awsome, $5


id perfer more of a breast pocket placement so that it almost looks like a coat of arms for some preppy school.


i want i want you've got all the great references in there... plus the controller (which i own and still use). Nice stuff.


NIce job.. :)


i could so see some of my friends wearing this :]


I also think the placement should be cornered at the top, it just gives it a better feel. 4

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I'm flexible on the placement. I thought about putting it over the breast pocket area of the shirt myself.


Mostly love it. Not sure about the paint brush.
And the wizard staff took me a little while to figure out. Maybe it needs to be more staff-y?
Maybe a little gnarlier or with a claw holding the sphere?


looks great on black.


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Yes, nerds paint. If nothing else, they paint models and miniatures. But, even more, if you took a high school art class, or went to art school, then I'm sure you noticed that most of the people there were either burnouts, freaks or nerds.

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But, admittedly, I did throw in the paintbrush 'cause I wasn't sure what else to use to balance out the pencil. A No 2 (or in this case, No 23) pencil just screams nerd to me, though, so I wanted to keep that in.

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Appreciate all the kind words, too.


If I had a vagina, it would quiver at your skills, sir.


'no dungeon master worth his weight in gold goes anywhere without- his 20 sided die'

Wet Hot American Summer!


I also think it would look better if it was placed over the breast pocket area.
This is great!! Let's get this printed! I want one! $5

Tasty Yumyum


This shirt just screams "I DON'T EVER GET LAID!!"

I want one to be....uhhh....all ironic and whatnot.


LOVE IT!! Will buy!


Love it on blue! I'm not really a big fan of black shirts! All the good gamer/nerd shirts are mostly on black. It makes me a sand panda :(.


breast pocket placement definitely!


breast pocket placement would rock. this shirt made me smile so bad. $5.

Gabe the Firefly

i like it where it is - and I am this shirt personified. Thank you for this obvious tribute to myself.


breast pocket = $5


LOVE LOVE LOVE because i'm a huge nerd. must print.
$5 for you.

and i'd say placement could go either way, but i'd like the middle because then it's big, bold and beautiful.


omg i need this for my bf who is a closet nerd


i'd hella buy this. for me and my nerd of a boyfriend. must must must be printed


hahah, this is perfect for my best friend. $5


i definitely like this.
i like the idea of breast pocket placement, but i think you have too much going on design-wise for it to really translate well in a smaller space.
if it prints, i'm buying it either way. (:


Realisation originale pas mal ;)


i personally wouldnt buy it, but i could deff see people buying this so i give it a 5. [the black looks the best]

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