Lucky Addendum

Oh the joys of adding \'between the sheets\' or \'in bed\' to fortunes. It doesn\'t just work with the fortune either. Try it with your lucky numbers, or \'learn chinese\' phrase.

I first submitted this as a text tee, but that was before I thought I could draw a fortune cookie. Regardless of whether I can or not, I tried anyway.

Watch this

ha, my friends and i play the "in bed" game with our fortunes too


A friend of mine recently got "Good things come in small packages" as a fortune. I laughed, until my wife got "Be content with your lot in life. You can't be first in everything."



I usually say "under the covers."

jonny loser

A friend of mine once got the fortune "You will recieve good fortune from the mouth of a small child."


I don't like that you used the lucky numbers - you should put a fortune on there... or.... something


once, a friend of mine got "You will recieve new clothes" in her fortune cookie


I also think you should have used a fortune instead of the lucky numbers. :\


If you think this should have a fortune instead of the lucky numbers, you don't get the artist's joke.

crisco disco

the lucky numbers is more funny than a fortune. that's the whole point.


lol! We ate at a Chinese restaurant a week ago, and my friend got a fortune along the lines of "You have a special tool, use it well and it will give you great success.." (in bed!). $5 XD


The idea is great, but the execution needs a little work, I think.


Hee, I kin'a like this one. Typically not a fan of "perverted" things, but I like it. Funny thing - I got a fortune that said "you look pretty". Just..reminded me of it. ;D


Haha! Very cute. Maybe its just me, but the fortune cookie at first looked like fingers to me... A/w, $5


the numbers are good... see how even on this comment section everyone is talking about the different fortunes they got? i'm looking forward to wearing this and having all my friends tell me random stupid stories about fortune cookies! $5


one of the numbers should be 69


haha a friend of mine got "You will read this fortune and think to yourself, "Damn! I could think of better fortunes than that!"


Maybe clean up the fortune cookie drawings, but the idea is a winner.


arn't those the lost numbers?
like the t.


i usually play it as "in my pants" try it sometime.


i got the fortune : some men dream of cookies, othe men dream of fortunes." its my favorite!

Starker Klang

If I didnt here this on t.v. I wouldn't understand it, thank god I saw it.


the idea is there, clean it up a bit and this will get printed. i got a kick out of this game for like three weeks straight with my friends at lunch.


funny, the cookie is a little weird lookin but, I see where you were goin. $4


Absolutely. I would kill for this shirt.


the last fortune i got was "you will develop an interest in lawn care or gardening." go figure.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

this is hilarious - i too add 'in bed' to my fortunes.

'cause i'm oh-so-mature.


just one small problem..its you're not your


your is why it's funny, cuz it's not perfect english!


No, no, no..... It's, "...under the bed sheets"


yeah, if it said....your lucky number are 6, 9, 69, 66, 99, 6969 I think I would be a buyer


What the hell...? It's not "you're"! You're means 'you are' remember? Your shows possessions.

"You are lucky numbers: blah blah: would be kind of ricockulous.

But yeah. This is amazing.

You people stop suggesting he add 69s and stuff. It's funny because the lucky numbers especially have nothing to do with sex. FUNNY.


i like the concept but it could be better executed

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