World of Cows

  • by Liolik
  • posted Aug 23, 2006

Nice work but there's something missing on the shirt $4

Watch this

Make the main cow bigger and forget the background. I didn't even notice the cow pattern for a while.

ibakedesign profile pic Alumni

i didnt want the pattern to be too obvious at first sight.

SicK PuPPy

main cow little bigger

analog boy

Main cow smaller. Just kidding, make it bigger. Seriously though.


I agree with the above statement. It's pretty sweet, I would also add a blue stylized sky---because it would be more to look at.


Yay... Cows... my mum grew up on a dairy farm, so I sorta inherited the love... I'm gona pretend that that thing that's prob. Tassie is NZ - so I can love it even more...

caitlin k

really cool, but make the main cow bigger

arremgee profile pic Alumni

Cows don't have horns :x


"This has been done so much." Where?
I like it. Make it bigger and lose the hilly things.

ibakedesign profile pic Alumni

cows have horns...


I like it how it is. And if you want make the cow a tad larger.


this is really good, but i dont think cows can have both an udder and horns at the same time.


I voted high, but I would make it a bit larger. It's a shirt that wants to be noticed.

Otherwise the idea is ingenous, an atlas on a cow? I never would of thought of that.


So this one time when my Wife was younger and passing a farm with her Dad, Dad says "What kind of Cows are those Carrie?" and Carrie says "I don't know, Two-Percent?" Hah! I would wear this and I would buy it for my wife and she would wear it too!


i like it but i'd have the design in the corner rather than on the front.


Love it. I like the simple design of this. Things don't need to be so overly busy all the time. I do think it would look even better if the main cow was a little larger. Keep the's important to the setting. I'd buy it definitely.


farms cows get their horns cut off

ibakedesign profile pic Alumni

yeah, i agree that the design could be positioned somewhere else other than the center-front


And yes, cows do have horns. Some breeds don't but most do. As St. Germain said, farm cows that are born with horns get their horns removed. Some are "polled" which means that they are bred to not have horns. But, horns have nothing to do with being a cow or a bull. Horns are not a sexual thang! :O)

ibakedesign profile pic Alumni

I see that there seems to be controversy over the horns. :)

crisco disco

cowtographer. kinda like a cartographer.


i love the design,
keep everything the way it is


I've seen a poster of this...too unoriginal


its really good, but the cows in the back look 3d while the front cow looks 2d


It may not be the most original, but, hey, I'd wear it.

call me peanut

cows take over the world....... i like the subliminal message......5$


love it, but front cow larger, and the back two need to have a slight difference in level, so that the pattern is interesting in addition to witty


I like it overall, but even though female cows can have horns (depending on the breed), Id rather see female cows with udders and no horns, and male cows (bulls) with no udders and horns. It keeps it simple. Unless you are going for transgendered cows, then i think its great!


I love it and have a friend I would definatly have to buy it for.


I love this design becuase i love cows and beef.


Seriously, cows have horns, guys. My boyfriend's family owns them, has friends who own them, etc. female cows have horns! :)

anyway, the design is cute.

ibakedesign profile pic Alumni

Thank you for the constructive criticism.

Bella Lagussi

i wouldn't mind a shirt with just a very simple image of some cows in a field.


well, believe me, it wasn't too obvious. i like the subtley of it. i like it a lot, but maybe i would have each cow have a different part of the word on it. or the main cow could have would havea baby cow with another part of the world on it. just suggestions. maybe they're crazy. you still get a $5 from me.


Heheh, the underbelly is Antarctica.


bonne idée !!! 5

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