don\'t just think, speak outside the lines too

don\'t say only as they tell you to speak

Watch this

i dont think ive ever been more confused in my life.


I love it! (: 5$


i dont get it...


I like the concept. Design...doesn't do so much for me, though. At leastf rom what I can tell, it doesn't connect so much with the concept.


Even just as a slogan: "Speak outside the box" or added to your current design... could be good.


Somehow, the placement on the shirt seems a little... underdevelopted.
Love the concept though.


It's interesting ^^. What's the design? I can't see it well enough.. 4


Yeah it's pretty fun.

Named after the Bone character?


yeah, my online handle is after the Bone character.

thank you everyone for comments. I'm posting designs right now to see what gets accepted for voting and what gets the initial cut... i can't figure it out at all. All the designs that i've spent time on get cut before voting, all the ones that took 2 seconds and were totally at random got through...

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