Manipulation of a Spray Can

  • by adejesus
  • posted Aug 22, 2006

As you can see, graffiti is one of my specialties. I actually made this piece for school using cut outs of paper. ( there is a photo of the original in my profile) \"AREM\" was a name I use to write back in the day. I got it from taking the word camera, spelling it backwards \"aremac\", and then just taking off the \"ac\" at the end. It stands for, \"artistic realism evolving mentally.\" I put the design is a brown tone also to show that it basically could be any tone. It can go with any color shirt. PEACE.

Watch this

I like it much more as a piece than as a shirt. I like your style, but I just dont think this works well as a shirt.


awesome. way better than the monkey one that is similiar to this one.

5 + $


I can't see that grafitti is one of your specialties.. I find it boring and plain. It's like a bad warhol


ooh i wish u came up with this sooner. on sept 3rd im goin-a-stray paintin and i would have loved to wear this


very absolut -style. i like the thought you put into it.


Cool. I feel like it's missing something though, maybe more variation in the different styles?


Love love love love graff shirts. $5 I'd buy this in heartbeat.


Not a bad idea. I like the all the colour choices except brown and black, because those do NOT go together.


i was going to put the boxes like the original but i thought it wouldn't look that good on a shirt like that but i will try it!


it think its waay to much to look at on a tshirt.


Each of the images are cool on their own, but together it's a bit much... they kinda cancel each other out.

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