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haha, this is actually funny in a sadistic way

Watch this
crisco disco

why would you want someone to fist you there? most fisting occurs in the vagina.


^haha what the hell? i'm hoping that's sarcasm and you knew that's a punch.


oh crisco... ouch. :D
5$ because it's funny. and because now i'm going to associate it with fisting and that makes me laugh.


omg, thats terrible.
imagine a child wearing that.


It's cool, but I'm afraid someone's going to take it seriously. :P


Woudln't be allowed in my school, so I wouldn't buy it. $5 anyways.


in the stomach? c'mon, gotta move that sucker somewhere where your lunch isn't at risk. thinkin' even kidney's be better than your supper.


lol. that was funny crisco_disco.

i like it, but dunno if i'd wear it tho.

Jus A Rascal

$5, and hell yes I'd wear it. Are you kiddin' me? This is fantastic!!


Love the shirt, not the color


hahaha, i'm imagining wearing this to my school right now. (we're the "gang school") it'd be GREAT. love the idea, not the color. dunno what color tee to suggest, but the yellow just doesn't work for me...

theoretical k

ok shirt.

incredible comment from crisco.


What kind of an idiot parent would buy that for their child or let them wear it?

Dr. Downer

It's ok, it would probably look better with a different color though.


since someone got shot in my front yard yesterday, i'll give it a $


change the color and place the x on the sternum or the kidney, and you've got a 4$.

Change just the colour and it is a 3$

as is, it is a 3.


Like it, but not on a yellow t!


i hate the colors, sorry. its kinda funny though


aw the only thing is i cant wear it to school...
different color?


i read fist too.. sick puppy


that symbol is supposed to mean "punch", but if you really want somebody to fist you there then it can "fist", just for you..if you'd want that crisco.

I'm also a little unsure about the tee & text colour but this was the best combination i could do right know. I think that the colours can make stupid assholes get that the tee isn't serious..

Mazy Mallone

lol! that's cute very funny. $4


skyash1588 on Aug 21 '06
omg, thats terrible.
imagine a child wearing that.

Stabby Mcknife is worse. I saw like a 6 YO and his dad wearing that. Of course. They were a little loony cuz they were wearing the same shirt.


Ahh crisco. Has your name ever been more fitting to your comment? ;)


reminds me of counter-strike for some reason

dayuse aka yuipeter [peter t.]

Ha ha ha ha ha.
You know, if the "X" was on the sleeve, I may consider buying it.
But this is so damn funny. I love it. Espicially the fisting reference shared from the previous comment-leavers.


Man, I want to give a five just to crisco disco!

my name

good concept.....nice design....bad color

Bob's Yer Uncle

I would much rather someone shoot me than stab me... nice one, because when you're stabbed, it's like you're there the whole time, but when you're shot you don't know until it's over :)

jenna michele

i think what you said about the colors is true.
i like it.
i think its a good idea.
i just like it.


I actually did submit one like this, but was decline. =(

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