Jackie O-NO!

  • by mezo
  • posted Aug 18, 2006

that's too funny.

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Oh man, that is wrong. And I like dead baby jokes.


wow....messed up but makes you laugh


I'd wear it! $5


not my style.
but good job.
I'm giving you a 4 for the nice design.
But I wouldn't buy it.



travis76 profile pic Alumni

haw haw! you've been ruminating on this one for a while huh? wasn't it a painting of yours?
personally, i'd like more blood...love the colors...so retro penny candy wrapper....


Now do one with Patsy Ramsey.


Oh, that is so all kinds of wrong...

mezo profile pic Alumni

Yep. Subversive content is not for everybody!

This was orginally a painting (made with cheap craft paint on cardboard aka klassy) I made a while back. So many bloggers demanded I turn it into a sub. Gotta give those who CAN handle subversive content what they want!

Thanks for the comments!


This is wrong.
But I still like it.
I especially like that Kennedy is modeling the shirt.

Jus A Rascal

That's fuckin' disgusting.
And not funny in the least.
Seriously, that's fucked up.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

The face could be a lot more accurate. And you know, less tasteless. Ugh.

Dark Visions

Oh...so dark...hahahaha...$5.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Damn! Look out Threadless, there's a new queen of controversy in town.


poor poor taste.


that's so terrible.



you do realize that kennedy was the last pure president our nation has ever seen. i'm not very patriotic, but i'd almost wear the klan logo before this


oh man. :(

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

I Love Mezo ! Ha! $5!


Weren't there Jacki O and Kennedy subs before that got low scores because of this same sort of joke?

Wouldn't have expected the reaction to be any different really. Some good natured comments with a lot of 'boooo!'s from the general populace.

Still a great design, technique-wise.

the czar

Oh,Mezo! So sick! Ha ha!


What's with all the JFK assassination joke designs? And why do they all make me laugh so hard that I feel guilty?


No. If a thousand bloggers told you to shoot the president would you do it? Since Kennedy's dead, this is like the closest thing to it. Sorry but no.


how about a big motherfucking

what the hell were you thinking.....

im gonna give it a zero though because -1 isnt available


I admit it made me laugh, but subversive? Maybe 20 years ago. These days, what with all the death in that family, it kind of feels like unnecessarily piling on. I mean, why not just do a sub of Lee Harvey Oswald anally raping Jackie's corpse in front of Caroline Kennedy?


and you thought this was a good idea because?...
no thanks.


Not so much, it's a mean spirited. You might get reported to HS with a design like this.

spires profile pic Alumni

I hate all the comments here, I just read through them.

This graphic is a fucking classic.

If people want to progress at all, it's time to get over the pathetic Presidential apotheosis, and time to start portraying these public leeches as the disposable novelties that they are.


Great use of the word "apotheosis", spires, but I wouldn't exactly say that pointing a finger and saying "haaah haaah" about anyone's death could be considered "progress."

I think the reason people are appalled by this is because it makes light of someone's brutal murder, not because people worship the memory of JFK. At least I hope that's what all the complaining is about.

I personally think it's funny, but it's so distasteful that I can't think of a single place I ever go where I could wear it...

Anyway, I preferred the submission where JFK's brain was surfing out of his head.


Mocking someone's brutal misfortune in
life is low down - even if you do it to those
you know are guilty of brutal wrongs toward

time and effort can be better spent than this

spires profile pic Alumni

I disagree. Especially national politicans; they create misery on a widespread scale, and deserve whatever they get.

Sorry. I have no sympathy for these parasites.

Super Pope, I loved the JFK surf design! And the design with Jackie O saying "BANG!". That shit is hilarious. Ruben the Cuban doesn't seem to have an account any longer.



I appreciate the civility in your
response to our disagreement.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

That's awesome!

I'm with Tom.


very good idea...albeit morbid.
i'd get equally dirty looks and out loud laughs
wearing this one.


This is rally jacked up... Nice colors and everything, but its wrong.


i dont think the face is really that great, i dont mind that its so offensive.

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