A Walk down memory lane

Leafs are totally optional

Watch this

i kind of favour the leaves.


Leafs is not a word.
But whatever, it's not like it's on the shirt?
I like it better without the leaves, anywho. Without them, this is a solid four.


I agree, there are a lot of cool things about this design but it seems kind of incomplete, like the power lines just kind of go into nothingness.


kill the leaves and you have a winner


I like the "leafs." They add another dimension


5 without leaves.

Kramer and Sprenger

LEAVES!!! for sure. the leaves make all the difference, it really doesn't work without them. I would move the placement up a little bit.


You shouldn't insult people with Country (I mean, Bad) Grammar. No offense to butler. Great and excellent desin with the leaves.


I like it but maybe they could be like autumn leaves instead of green ones on a different color background.


Id like to see it in a different color (not a big fan of yellow)


leave the leaves - cool design :)

Mr Matty

I think the typo saying "leafs are optional" should be part of the shirt!


looks awesome.. and definetely without the leaves!


I think you should bring the end of the power lines down some more. I don't like how the stretch up into the chest part. But besides that, I love it.


the leaves are

color me blank

i really really like this.
i'm in total favor of the leaves.


i like the perspective the leaves create. leafs is only a word if you're a toronto hockey fan


i think the leaves take it from a 2 to a 4


If you don't know if the leaves ar in it or not, this design is not done, now is it? Either way, this stinks.

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