• by zzz
  • posted Aug 17, 2006

This is a re-worked design. A lot of people loved to hate the first one and many suggested this version.

Here you go, take a bite.

Watch this

i like it small. makes it look legit. i'd buy it. 5$


it was originally a lot bigger, but the bites took away some of it



I like it small too, man... 5$!!!!


make it bigger. hehe. $5

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Does the world REALLY need another ipod in-joke? Especially one as toothless as this? Sorry dude, but this needed to stop at the first submission...


The world PROBABLY does not need any more iJokes. But hey, it's like making fun of Superman for decades... I just thought iPeople needed to lighten up a bit. Did I REALLY think this design will ever get printed? Noup, but I sure had fun with it. Thanks for the comment!


I wish I could give a negative score.

Zero doesn't really convey how I feel.


Dude, I think your slogans convey it all. Lighten up!


this is my favorite threadless shirt ever without a doubt. also by far the best iPod parody!


Didn't Apple do something like... copyright the word "pod" so no company could /ever/ use pod in their advertising? I don't know, I was just reminded of that, and I thought it was ridiculous!

Btw, this is one of the better jokes - I dont' quite like it, but it's better. 3!


Madlune actally it was quite smart of them otherwise those anti apple people would come up with the ypod or the vpod and people would think that it was a fully functional music player because it has the -pod in it.

oh and being raised on apple comps since birth i really have no other choice but to give this shirt a fat 0 because i feel insulted.


Hey, I didn't mean to offend anybody from the Mac cult. In fact I always keep a mini mac right next to my generic PC. It helps to see sometimes through the eyes of mac users. When it comes to design and print I would always opt in for a Mac, which has proven its superiority in that area, but I'm sorry -- you people are deprived from enjoying the web to its fullest extent by being forced to use that half-baked Safari...

And JeffreyyS -- you'd make the old Steve Jobs shed a happy tear...


Haha, as if Safari is all Mac users use.
On my dock: Safari, Firefox, Camino, Opera.

You can BITE me.


i like it and all
but i think it would look better bigger


seenew, the point I was trying to make is that some mac users take themselves too seriously and as a result Apple corporation charges you an eye for what non-brand-loyal PC users can get it for a fraction of the price price. Look inside the box -- is a pc chip.

And no, iBite here!


I find it rather funny. I actually laughed at this when I saw it.
And to JeffreyyS -- I've been raised on Macs myself and I still find the humor in this. Lighten up, why don't you, it's all in good fun!


Shouldn't it be byte?


I was considering iByte but was afraid that it would be "too cute".


This isn't really that witty.


I like this other people should shut up i think its cool ^^ I don't have an ipod but i still think this is oober funny cuz everybody's all like "o i neeeeeeed one because its sooooo cooooool" and i'm like duuuuuuuude get a liiiiiiiiffffffe" besides cd players are cheaper and way cooler ^^


...oh, I'm just going to stay out of this discussion...


As a loyal Mac customer, I'd rather not support a product that so poorly mocks such a great brand. 0.




theres a campaign right now to encourage apple to use less toxic material in their products, because those toxins get dumped in developing countries after people are done with it.

anyway, blahblahblah. point is I like the shirt.


cool concept, your type needs some tightening up too, there are tutorials for replicating apple's font, so it's a neat idea, but as a mac user I would only purchase if it were... true to life per say?


Actually this is the Aplle font. I agree it needs a bit more tightening, but it looks a lot more accurate in higher resolution. Photoshop always skews fonts a bit while re-sizing the image, unless you merge the fonts with the layer.

And I am also a Mac users, about 25% of the time.

Thanks for the comments!


it's "too cute" buahahahh


luv it the way it is. keep it TINY!


its cute enough but the center placement ruins it in my opinion.

as for the rabid product fans, eh. i have an ipod and i still get my hate on when i think about all apple's done to make them as monopoly-tastic as possible.


Perfect size!! Leave it as is!


Apparently not really likes by quite a few...
; )

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