Hickory Dickory Dock ( to kill a mouse)

  • by harryco79
  • posted Aug 17, 2006

A play on the nursery Rhyme (Hickory Dickory Dock) If anyone remembers...

This is my second sub on here and i appreciate all feedback. :)

Watch this

I like

crisco disco

i like the lower right placement


lower right on dark brown is classy. good job :]


I like the lower left placement, but suggest reversing the clock so it faces into the design (if you get what I mean), leaving the cogs where they are. The browns look the best. One thing I'm not understanding though is the scissors as clock hands..??? Help me out here?


scissors as clock hands has always been an idea of mine...it means nothing...it 's one of those things that make you go 'hmm...umm..ok...cool!?!'....lol hopefully


lower right on the dark brown and i'm sold


thats good stuff dont change it and keep on lower left


I agree with the majority - lower right, dark brown and its sold.


dark brown is pretty sweet. whats up with that mouse's tail?


I'd buy it if it were in the lower right on the dark brown shirt.


Yeah, that mouse has a pretty strange tail--I don't like that about it. other than that, I'd love it in brown lower right.


I like the placement of the second tee. It looks like lower left to me, but everyone else is saying lower right? Meh! It'd be cool if the shirt color for the placement was dark brown though (considering that one of the gears is the same color as the light brown shirt).


lower right placement on dark brown. :]

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