We See Ourselves Differently

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this sub! Larger images to be posted soon-ish.

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very nice. love the tone on tone! 5$


isn't this design already on, like, two million old motivational posters?


Reminds me of my kitty! $4. Like the khaki placement.... but prefer the blue shirt.


Perhaps it is, herophelia, but the only thing that motivated this design was what was in my head. Can it be possible that in this world of 6 billion individual minds, that two might devise similar ideas?


love...love...love it! can't say enough good things about it - execution is breathtaking. 5$

crisco disco

makes me wanna hit up the dark side of oz.


I love everything about this.


umm...I've seen this before. like, a million times. on cards. and other stuff. sorry, gotta be original :( so I gotta give it a zero...


This looks exactly like the poster that hung in my guidance counselor's office in hs.


It may not be stolen -- it's just not the most original idea in the world. I like the illustration, but as it is it looks more like he's looking at painting of a lion than a mirror.


^ you right. still .. I respect people who come up with their own ideas.. or at least admit that the idea is not theirs.


This drawing is beautiful, and I love it. 5$


I love when people put different heads on the model bodies.


Alex M. Solefish

i have seen this idea before, but your illustration is really beautiful. tentative 4.


I'm very hard on people that have ripped off of other people's work-- automatic 0. This is not one of those designs, so lay off unless you can point out a specific image that could have been traced to make this (and no, that link above does not count). My 2 cents.

It gets a 4 from me, not for originality but for good illustration of something that's been done cheesily before.


my grandma has a magnet like this on her fridge.


Great job


the lions eyes look funny, good design though


Shouldn't that be on royal blue? But really, it's a great design.

Dr. Elusis

It does look like a painting rather than a mirror. The vines and so forth need to be reflected where they cross the mirror's surface.


even if its not the most original I love the drawing. And I like the bottom placement the best.


havnt seen this before - nice idea. looks good on blue, not sure about the placement. 4.

M. Rogers

i thought the Lion had a kitty shaped tie.


Hey, everyone saying this idea is "stolen," get a life. Not only do I take offense to being called a "stealer" but anyone that believes that an idea similar to another is stealing is simply a moron. I understand something being blatantly obvious, like the tree design that was on here a few weeks ago, and even the one ripping off that dinosaur comic, but this witch hunt for hacks needs to stop. And designbyag, I saw the picture you linked about two days after submitting my idea, and never anything like it before, so go find something else to bitch about. I love how people will bash someone else's hard work that they put countless hours (about 24 hours per design) into. By the way, thanks to all of the POSITIVE comments I have recieved thus far. Everyone else pointing the fingers, make sure you get your facts straight before doing so.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

cool sub. nice illutration work/technique.

I agree with the mirror comment though, maybe add some reflective elemnets so that it does look more like a mirror. On the other hand, it'd be fine if it were just a painting, the kitty is admiring a painting of a lion, seeing himself as a lion.

Bluebirdiesinger profile pic Alumni

Dear David, YES!
Out of so many designs I see on here, yours has a lot of class and is something I'd enjoy wearing.

I love the style, the look of the Lion as he looks at the cat, and it has a nostalgic feel to it.
I love it and would buy it, good work $5

Okkin Blazamut

$5, who gives a f*** what those guys say, I think its a cool design


very narnia. i likes.


that' so perfect...no "purr" pun intended...$5


besides, even if this same idea has been on posters and such (which does NOT mean it's stolen!) I've never seen it on a shirt before, and I think it looks good on a shirt!


I get the Narnia vibe, too. I like it a lottabit! Just put some streaks/glares in the mirror to make it look more like a reflective surface rather than a painting, and then it'll be a 5. Either way, I'd $ all over this. Beautiful work, my friend.

castle profile pic Alumni

Nice drawing!

The thing people don't understand is that you can't copyright an idea. If he had traced someone else's drawing of the concept then it would be stolen. As it stands, this is a new interpretation of an old idea. That is perfectly okay, and infringes on no one.

I think a few bright streaks of glare would convey the mirror message a little better.


Fantastic illustration! I only have two suggestions...lose the butterfly and add some reflective elements to the mirror and you've got a solid 5


i would buy this in a heartbeat.
but please, please, not on anything bright.


Great design. I would call this a "classical" concept, not a stolen concept. So if its been done before, the question becomes: "how do you rate the execution?" 4 in my opinion. A little work to make the mirror more convincingly reflective, and i'll give it a 5. Nice work.


I have seen this idea before, but the illustration this person did made it not cheesy.


that's wicked cool. and the photoshop job isn't bad either. =P


and after reading the other comments, i gotta say...saying that this is "stolen" is like saying that any other shirt that relies on any sort of reference is using "stolen" ideas, and that's just completely ridiculous. besides, it's not necessarily the thought behind it that's the issue, it's the DESIGN, and this seems to be a very original design, even if it's not an original idea.

don't listen to the naysayers. rock on.


My grandma would love this! But she doesn't wear t-shirts. :(


oh that is the cutest thing ever, I want to eat it. $5.


Nice illustration.

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