Make Peace Global

If you\'re tired of the news..

If you\'re tired of the violence..

You don\'t just sit there and watch.



Watch this

how do we go about making peace global?

the countries look like dinosours.


You're probably going to think I'm sick for saying this, but it totally looks like a cross-section of a penis.


Yeah, great concept, but I'm with AsStarsGoOut.... looks like Dinosauroroni Mac N Cheese..... I'd buy it with fixed country shapes (and on green)

SicK PuPPy

icruise comment, lol


I think the continents should be as they are now, just slightly altered ti fit the heart shape. 4


well, i like it.
if you played with the placement a little more, i'd buy it.


Isn't there a contest now that...nevermind. :]

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the placements, but I do like the design.


I love the concept of it, it's an important one. But not the drawing itself. Doesn't seem to fit the concept well.


i just don't want to wear a t-hirt with a heart on it or with a message of action when i know i am too lazy to make a difference to world peace


thanks for the comments. Keep em coming for the improvement of my designs.

SHAPES of the continents-- they were not altered, they were just rotated in different ways and placed in different locations so as to fit the heart shape. (and note that the countries are much closer to each other than today hahah..)

PLACEMENT-- (I admit I'm not also a fan of the placement)
But as indicated above, it is optional. Threadless will take care of it, if ever ;).


cool cool cool says matthias...


Hey your name is Matthias, mine is Matias. Thats cool. But about the design I like it, but I don't like the placement of the continents.


Yeah those continents look kind of bad. Probably because you rotated them. Besides that, I'm not really sure if people would understand that this is about world peace.


loving the rotation ... "change the world" made a little more literal. place over the heart, no question. i want it. print it.


Looks too religious to me. Reminds me of a church for some reason.


it reminds me of roxy. and i can barely tell what the countries are.

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