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  • by dawwwwn
  • posted Aug 10, 2006

love roy lichenstein and his works

Watch this

love it minus the spots on the red panel


Roy would say put more dots / halftone in the red square, For sure he would ... I hear dead artists all the time.


Thanks! I updated the design with your suggestions and it looks good!


yes i agree, more halftone indeed!


It's almost a complete copy of a Lichtenstein poster I've got - rip off!


thats funny, I have never even heard of Lichtenstein. I got the people out of clip art.


Draw your OWN people. Gosh!


You should crack open an art book sometime. Roy's a real biggie . . . to big to admit over-looking, even. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is.

younger brother

leave it to roy.. sorry... gonna have to say no.

younger brother

that was my first impression.. CLIP ART... when you can illustrate get back to us,,


how can someone have never heard of lichtenstein? the lack of art knowledge on here makes me very sad.


I can illustrate, and I can also utilize clip art, and don't need your permission. I was unaware that people are such cry babies over this stuff. I am here to have fun and check out other peoples ideas and designs. With this, my first submission, I am thankful that people led me in to the world of Roy Lichtenstein. It is ridiculous that I have never heard of him... doi... where have I been. I threw this design together in like 5 minuets because I found the two graphics together humorous. I was not set out to make the greatest Roy Lichtenstien nock off ever created... Or was this a demonstration of my greatest potential. You should join me and put a couple of ice cubs in your glass and chill out.

juan venture

put it this way Lunnson, a little research into what images your using can't hurt.


Wow... harsh words from the peanut gallery... chilling out is a must. My only crit is maybe showing where the design is placed on the shirt.... but not bad for a first shot.


I agree with Booth, chill people.

Anyway, read up on some Lichtenstien, you would like him a bunch. I've seen a few of his pieces in museums and they're way cool cause they're so freakin big for looking like cartoons. Come back with an even more Lichenstien-y sub and I think people would be cool. (Or maybe they'll yell at you for ripping him off and not having you're own style, people here can be so picky.)

I think the bubbles in the second pannel make him look drunk, dunno if thats what you are going for but thats what I got.


I like the shirt – I like the images together and the irony. Cocky guy. I’d ignore the arrogant “art critics” here – some people over analyze things and in doing so – miss the point. You didn’t rip images off – you used artists images to provoke something (the job of an artist is to provoke – you did him proud)... again, I like it.


Art has always been about ripping off other artists. If you had said, 'I love Lichtenstein and it's an homage,' that would have been fine. It your complete, and apparently celebrated, ignorance of one of the mid-centuries most famous artists (who you are copying) that I find most disturbing.


Now that the haute couture artspeak has been busted out, I feel it is important to mention that many of Lichtenstein's most recognizable paintings were copied directly from comic books and strips. The value of such works reside in their elevation of an everyday object to the status of art. Since a t-shirt is a fairly common object, the same relationship isn't there. However, to accuse Lunnson of some sort of ripping off is absurd. Pop Art doesn't work that way.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Change the text to "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" and I'd totally buy this.

I'd even overlook the clip-art useage.


It's frickin' pop art. Artists in the movement blatantly ripped off images from popular culture... so what's wrong with ripping them off?

Besides, it's funny.

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