Broccolis are nothing but small trees

  • by chrisk018
  • posted Aug 10, 2006

If you say so...

Watch this

its true man


if it didn't have the "mr broccoli" thing, i would definitely buy it. With it .... sorry!


Mr. Broccoli-->No

:) Get rid of it plz.

And when you do make it bigger. It'd be cool.

Rebecca Jane

If it's just a small tree, why is he wearing a gold chain?


I love the broccoli design. I like the sign. I agree about the chain and bigger would be cool.

Alex M. Solefish

oh, and: i agree with previous commentors, accentuate the sign and lose the chain.

dr. pepper

i like the sign, but i think that since it's yellow it "pops" too much...maybe if the shirt was blue or something it wouldn't be as obvious. i get a kick out of the shirt though.


I didnt like the sign cause its a chain and all "Mr.T" but if it wasnt there it would be a 5


it could do without the chain. $4


i'm going to guess the sign was put on to make sure everyone understood it wasn't a tree. I still think it's cute, $4


er, chain


love the design, reminds me of when i was little and i always had to eat my "little trees", don't like the chain tho, could to without, a.t.m 4 without the chain 5$


ilove the green, love the sign, not the broccoli


I might buy it if there wasn't a chain...


green on green... i dunno. 3


for certain kinds of jazz, they say that the biggest problem a player faces is learning not to play too many notes.

to my way of seeing, you've played too many notes here. the gold name-chain disrupts the flow of color in the rest of the design, and the little sign is just unnecessary. i think your design would have made its central point better if you'd just given us nothing except a drawing that was clearly a broccoli up close, but looked a whole bunch like a tree from a distance.


print this so I can wear it. 5$


thats perhaps one of the best comments/critics i've ever got steve! thanks, wont forget that!

thank you all for your votes and comments!

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