Modern Pygmalion

This shirt is based off of the Greek myth of Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a sculptor who sculpted a woman so beautiful, he fell in love with his sculpture. Aphrodite took pity on the artist and turned his work of art into a real woman. They lived happily ever after, etc etc.

As an artist, this has always been one of my favorite Greek myths, so I decided to try it out as a shirt. I think all artists wish they could just create that perfect somebody with their pencil (or tablet stylus, or whatever). If blue isn\'t your thing, the hue could be changed very easily since it\'s all monochromatic, but I personally prefer this in blue.

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Damn i was gonna do a sub like this. Nice job.


I'd want the text on this just 'cause we did a musical that had Pygmalion in it, and it was the best scene ever.


masterfully executed, cool style


ha! love it. maybe put the text on in a corner or something. i like the cat's expression. $5


i love the cat.


nice idea! :) $5


i like it but i dont like the blue. :[. but its def a buy.


I love the idea!


this is awesome,
i'm not fond of the blue tho.


great cartoon, but i dont know if it looks like it should be a tshirt.


Love the cat w/ one eye open! Classic. nice job oin the theme !


the cat kind of ruins it for me...great concept though.

Wilde Nut

I can picture me in this shirt
"Hey , Do you draw girls you want to kiss, just like the shirt you have on?"

"Yeah, but It's not just Kissing"


That is completely adorable - I love everything about it, the sweep of his hair, the cat, the blue colours. Please print!


this is great. yay for lonely, nerdy artist-types!


Excellent concept and execution. Definitely would be an attention getter.....$5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great design and concept.......but this SO needs some colors to really bring out the emotion of the subject, at least the painting beying a vibrant color that comes alive in the artist's drab little world. Or maybe a different color. I want to buy do something! Great job tho. 4.


famous literary refrences always get a five and by from me


It's nice, but something about the squiggly textures on her dress/hair looks a bit odd to me. I realise it's probably meant to look 'painterly' but distracts a little. Good concept though.

Torn Jeans

nice, but can use with more vibrant color. gd job


this is most definitely a beautiful design!


Yes! Pygmalion & Galatea is one of my favorite myths!


And I kinda disagree about the sketchy texture on the dress and hair. I really like it and I think the design needs it to show the transition from painting to life, other wise it would just look like a woman popping through a window or something.


I don't think it works for a tee! Nice illustration tho'

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and colors. I like the painterly effect of the girl.

MeLa de Gypsie

hmmm... it's not really my type of design.. I see it more as a cartoon than something that would go on a tee...


Love it. Absolutely love it!



this is awesome!!! fantastic job :]


I really love this design, when it gets to print, I will definatly be buying one.

i carnt spel

cool idea...

although i doubt a painter would want to kiss the illustrator girl:P

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great idea & nice style of illustration...BUT, the style feels more spot ad in Cosmo instead of unisex t-shirt.


Im an artist and wow!!! is great!!!


Wow! It's super-original... which means you deserve a 5!


Theatre, Mythology, and art? Man I want this.

Aw, i love it!!
i really want it.

i hope you win :)


beautiful concept, but I think you have too many details in your art. It would be much more stricking if it were more simply drawn and perhaps a little less cartoonie.


Love the cat's face.

.onion profile pic Alumni

wow, that's cool. i really like how the bottom of the woman in the painting looks like it was painted, but as she comes out of the painting, she becomes more cartoon-like. i think it's just a bit too big on the shirt, but this is really cool :D i like the style, too.



it's awesome. $5


This is quite nice, I must say, though I don't think my girl would appreciate me wearing this.


Every time I see another design with a beautiful woman's face, I think about the stupid myth of Pygmalion. I wish people would get over it. Not only can you not date women you draw yourself, you also can't date women on tee-shirts.


I like the idea, but I am thinking that a modern pygmalion would better be represented by a gamer and an anime chick he created

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