Keep Walking. Above the Rebels.

Keep Waling. Above Rebels. Those Damn Rebels. Where would the Empire be without persistence????


Watch this

what' that trailing behind?


Did the AT-AT let loose a poop?


Creative co-opting of the Johnnie Walker marketing theme...unless nobody else has noticed that...


its not a a-wing its a snow speeder, (god).


actually it does look like an a-wing, that means this guy got it wrong, its supposed to be a snowspeeder.


Yeah, it's supposed to be a snow speeder...maybe you should make it wrap more around the AT-AT knees, since that's where they usually go, rather than looking like it's out his butt.


t0tAlLY gr3AT i WaNt maNy m0r3 sh!rts fr0M thOu y03sss


Other than the text, I like the design (great color scheme, too). Unfortunately, that particular franchise is lawsuit crazy, Threadless would get busted for copyright infringement.


Got the idea instantly rodrigospot. For someone with talent like yours, you are better off out of jail. I wish that this could get printed, but you will want to get this cleared with the copyright first. In the meantime, fix the snowspeeder position.


and fix it so that it's a snowspeeder and not an A-Wing, which it definately is.


yeah, being a star wars fan, you must change the fighter type. make it correct, and maybe i shall consider it. and remember, snow speeder!


Snow Speeder, got it!!!

Its one of those things that when i was designing the shirt the A-Wing kept coming to my mind... If it gets aproved and past the copyrights issues, Ill fix it!


not a big starwars fan ( i can hear the booing now)
but i really like the colors/design

Kramer and Sprenger

I don't think that copyright law is really the big issue at hand here, although I guess if you did manage to get this shirt printed, tons of people would probably buy it, so bully for the free market.


Freakin' sweet shirt man. $5 fo' sho'.



wow. this totally brings back memories of playing the empire strikes back on my parents' old Atari 2600. i seriously need to dig that out now.


Print it right now!!!! (5)


i think i've seen this sort of design somewhere....


Thanks, guys!! Its awesome that you`re liking it!

And paul, did you see this design on a Johnnie Walker Ad? That was the intention...


You know, Keep Walking, At-AT Walker...


They printed that green Vader shirt (forget the name).


The dark side of the Garden!!! Awesome T-Shirt!!! Too Bad the shipment to Brazil is a bitch, but as soon as I have some money, I`m definetly buying that!!! If its on sale, of course!


I hate Star Wars. A lot.

Lord Vader

awsome, except thats an A wing, not a snow speeder, come on man


Yeah, Yeah... I know... Damn, I feel like an idiot now because of the A-Wing... What kind of Star Wars fan I am!?!:!:!:?!?!!?!?!?!?!?


mmm tow cable $5


If it had a speeder instead i'd buy it!


Remember that you promised to make it a snow speeder. Not that I mind terribly myself but make no mistake: each and every one of my geek friends will feel obligated to mention that it's an a-wing and whats worse? They'll forget they already 'enlightened' me and will tell me again, and again, and again...(sigh)


Man, you just put in words what I'm going trough here. Evertybody is kind getting on my ass for not putting a snowspeeder in the t-shirt. But I SWEAR on my momma's eyes that it will be corrected in case the shirt gets printed, ok??? I SWEAR!!!


M. Rogers

an A-Wing? when we were little, we called them "gay wings." i wouldn't call them that now -- too insensitive-- but you get the gist, yeah?

maybe when/if you re-submit, you could put a little more detail on the AT-AT and, as dementophobia suggested, fix the placement of the tow cable.


I don't think anyone else has mentioned that the ship you have there is one of them there "A-Wing" space crafts. No not Snow Speeder like ya outta have. I reckon. Howevers the idea would clearly be genuises.


^ to everyone:

ahh, but isn't a snowspeeder simply a modified A-Wing anyway?

just checking.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Nicely put... The design on both aircrafts is kind of similar, but i can`t really tell... if anyone knows, i sure would like to know!!

I would feel less stupid. heheheheeheh





Unbelievably excellent.


aww man, seriously fix that Snowspeeder or take it out, i'd totally buy this. Check out my Ewok shirt.

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