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wow 5$

Watch this

cute! I like it on blue. I can't really think of anything I don't like about this shirt -- good idea, good execution. $4!


I think I would like it in the bottom right hand corner myself but its not bad where it is.


its cool but i never would have thought my coffee would attack me


I meant that comment with all the love in the world sorry if it came off mean i meant to be funny.


I like the design a lot and I agree with redheadlibrarian, i like the blue better than the brown. I think the coffee would look better as the the darker brown--closer the actual color of coffee. Very funny though!


I agree that the coffee could be darker. Otherwise it could be mistaken for killer chocolate milk, or a killer cappuccino perhaps.
$5 though!


i love this, but you could do some really awesome swirl designs in the coffee that would add more to the picture and could make a statement about something, just an idea...


man, this is effing slamming.

Quag profile pic Alumni

Reminds me of Fern Gully! Awesome.


Coffee has that ability to burn. That's why those little cardboard rings help contain the beast. Not bad. 3

shadow stalker P.I.

I want it on blue! Great for after those long Halloween nights!

Flying Junebug

I like it on the navy blue the best.
I think if you do a brown shirt, it's just too much brown.



i don't know; i prefer the brown.
very nice shirt!


i love this shirt! this is what my coffee cup looks like every monday morning.

actually, i think it looks like that every morning.

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni would never betray me! Oh never mind, I'm safe. That won't happen to me as long as I keep drinking it straight from the pot. phew


I thought that it would be named something like a "tempest in a teacup" when I first saw the image.


Awesome - $5.

thINK profile pic Alumni

Nice and simple. Good stuff. $5


Niice!! :) $4


if chocolate milk has kept THIS from us, what else do you think it's hiding? this is one of the few shirts i'd actually wear, excellent job.


I don't really get it...
but I like it anyway.


i love this - please print!!!!! $5


I like the tea creature! Reminds me of the toxic goo from the cartoon flick -Fern gully the last rainforest. I like the creature, however the cup of tea angle isn't doing it for me. so modest 3.


Man I knew caffine was bad for you, but this, like WOW.

peachmango profile pic Alumni

WOW! This shirt rocks! The designer is one cool artist!!! PLS PRINT!!!!!!! EVEN FOR $10 I'LL BUY THIS!


$5. I like all your work. Keep it up

peachmango profile pic Alumni

Love it! ur no 1 fan =)

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