Delighted To Eat You

heehee....i like the guy with the bite out of his arm.

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I give this $5. And I will do with the skulls whatever the public desires.

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NB: I give that comment $5 - not my t-shirt. The colour can be changed! Anyway, the world need more gold yellow coloured t-shirts.


I like the color, and I kind of like the skulls in the front.

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Click here
if yellow burns a hole in your retina. I prefer it in yellow, but this was
another option.


i would also prefer a different color, but i like the skulls on the back. hooray for disagreement!
whatever the case, its a great shirt. $5


I like the color...

Too many sagestone shirt designs. Not enough gold/yellow ones.



gold yellow is ok! huh, but I'm not proud to say that I'm a big fan of the basic, boring, old WHITE tee... that, by the way, would look good with this design on... but, hey, that's me...

Annie the Pug

yeah white would be good actually...his skin looks so sickly as yellow! Anyway, LOVE the bitten arm... freaking hilarious!! Also love the look of the skulls.


haha... i love how the preacher's all friendly and has no idea...


no yellow, 5 besides that.


blue, and I'm sold. 5$


Nice originality. $5.

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So very awesome. Would definitely wear this on a Pease Corps mission!


This is too Awesome to be rated!!!!!!!!! 5.0000000000000001$
i LIKE THE GUY With the bite out of his arm! ;-o


NO yellow. Yellow is super-cheery but horrid on every skintone. Bone pile on back of shirt for subtlety (Merriam-Webster says "subtleness" is also acceptable).


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STOP PRESS! Thanks all for your feedback and thank you for not letting the controversial gold/yellow colour muddy your judgement of the design. The yellow hate is pretty
emphatic, so I've produced a white tee version. I obviously worked on it in
Illustrator in white, but thought it would have been universally panned (I
realise some will still have beef with the white). I think it works. Click
here to see it
. Thanks amigos and amigas.


All i'm going to say, is god bless shirts that are interesting on BOTH SIDES, $4


the pile of bones on the back of the shirt is a perfect touch~

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nice characters and concept.


how bout on a light greenish color to match their loin cloths?

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Thank you for your thoughts - I think the design itself can work with most light colours - but colour preference is a very subjective thing. I'm not going to submit a yellow tee again in a hurry!

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like the front/back thing.

but the top skull - one of the eyes is grey, and so at first i thought it was a pirate skull (looked like there was a patch) - particularly with the hat askew on its head.

i'd love it on a canary yellow, not a fan of just white.


This is awesome, but please don't print on gold!

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Thanks. In reference to the comment made by ladykat, I haven't overlooked the grey eyesocket - it was intentional to offset it against the outline of the bone infront and the edge of the hat. It's something I played with for a while. While I'm in confessional, one of the nostril holes is also grey - essentially, didn't want the illustration to look too rigid. but things like that were considered and not overlooked!


I like the bones on the back. Personally, I'd prefer yellow to white... love the bite out of the arm... and their eyes are cool too.


I actually DO like the yellow.. or another warm color, but no white. It'd look really bland.
And skulls in front is great, but I love the design so much I'll prolly buy it regardless of placement.. or color.
$5 all the way.


hahaha. the funny part about this is that in real life the clergy imposes a religion outlawing contraception onto the cannibals' society and they all die from AIDS and overpopulation!
but nice spin on an old tragedy. now he's dinner!


Million Dollar Design. $5
(or five)

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