[A]rtificial [I]ntimacy

  • by colt83
  • posted Aug 01, 2006

I hope that for those who can relate to this sub that it really hits home! Enjoy.

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Mazy Mallone

haha, that's soo awesome, very great work here. $$$5


Wow, freaking awesome.



i love the colors


this is the best for wired i've seen. 5


I love the girl robot, could look better without the guy, but I understand that its for the contest, so it makes more sense. 5


haha. pretty funny.


it's sooo true


the napkin on the robot's lap makes it perfect.


hehehe nice work!!!


hawt for a ro -bot

Annie the Pug

you're a great artist!! would it be better, maybe, if the title were on the shirt?


i'd buy it. concept reminds me of jamiroquai.

colt83 profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments guys. Girls, I'm sorry that this shirt is kind of a guys' shirt. Please lend me your support (5$!!!) and if this shirt gets printed, I promise to sub a shirt with a girl and a robo stud!


Good deal Colt. :)

colt83 profile pic Alumni

Thanks KTLady

The ladies don't call me Colt for nothing! (Some do, cuz it's fun)

KT are my initials too!


Lose the background box and it's golden.


I like how the waiter blends in the border

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Once again: $5. I love the way you've approached the last 2 illustrations, and love your color choices! I'd rock this shirt!


Wow I'd just like to say how amazing this is. The color, the illustration, the idea. Wow. Amazing. $5 + Buy.


Excellent mood and wonderuf colors! +5

colt83 profile pic Alumni

I worked as a waiter for almost a decade in my dad's restaurant. That's kind of the pose that waiters take while waiting for you to order. All waiters have wedgies though.

Listen to polynothing, he's got a real point.

colt83 profile pic Alumni

I'll just rehash the old comment I made so that everyone can see it.
Girls, sorry for the shirt being so guy oriented. If you lend me your support (5$) and this gets printed, I promise to sub a shirt with a girl dating robo stud.


of course it HAS to be an asian guy.... those asians (i am joking here, don't blog the crap outta me)


Okay... Can't wait to see what the robo stud looks like... $5

mezo profile pic Alumni


Amazing linework & detailling on the couple! Would like to see that style on a completed waiter figure, which will allow you to toss that border. T-shirt borders are from Satan.

owen skyser-gray

the big pointy corners on the right side of the box are really getting my goat...
which is upsetting because i like the design a lot, besides the boxiness.
in production of this design, did you try it without the green rectangle? i can't tell just by looking at it if that would be OK looking.

in any case,4 and a hearty "good job" from me.


It's really cool, but I don't know if a shirt is the right medium. There's a lot going on.


I really like the detail - especially the way the waiter just melts out of the image - good job


i disagree about the waiter, i don't like the way he's cutted by the frame, it looks bizzare. i really like the illustration, cool.


love love love the design but think it would look better with a scattered edging or no edging at all. The box just cuts it off from the rest of the shirt, I think.

I'd love to see a switched gender one too!


Wow, fantastic! Forget a shirt- I'd love to have this as a print for my wall $5

colt83 profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments guys. I don't know what I was thinking about (probably girls who are into guys who like Star Trek) when I put that border there. If this shirt goes to print, I'll definitely improve on the background and ditch the border.
-colt83 out

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Hahaha, this actually made me lol. I never lol, at least not when I'm looking at t-shirt designs. I do plenty of loling at other times. continues rambling

colt83 profile pic Alumni

I take back what I said about making a robo stud if this sub goes to print. It 's wrong of me to try and coerce people to vote for a shirt that they might not feel so strongly about. I'll still keep my word and sub a robo stud, regardless of whether or not this shirt gets printed. You guys are free to love/hate this shirt as much as you want. -colt83

colt83 profile pic Alumni

By the way, where's Staffell? That guy's always on of the first commentators on every sub.


this is a wicked design! $5 good illustration and clever. rock on!


very clever, and great illustration :]

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