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great colors, nice placement...
it'd be nice to see some scale variations of the elements.


I don't think that's what hihi meant. Or maybe I'm stupid and that is what she meant. Probly #2. 5$ though


is this supposed to be related to the seinfeld festivus? Cuz if it is i don't see it? theres no feats of strength or airing of greivances, or even the aluminum pole! I would like it better if it made more of a connection, if i am mistaken then forgive me for ranting and maybe change the name to be less misleading.


I agree with sarahc6583


the shirt design is for nextfest, which is a FEST and I decided to be creative with the name. This shirt has nothing to do with seinfeld I just figured the title would be catchy.


I think the design is a bit to messy, but the name rocks. ;)

"It was destroyed. But out of that, a new holiday was born. A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST-OF-US"


I agree, the title is misleading. The design has too much going on, even in the zoomed image, I couldn't really understand what was going on. I like the colors and the placement though. I like the mouse with wings and the DDR arrow :)


hey man, did you have one of your drunk buddies VOMIT on a tee shirt ?


You really need to change the name. To title it in reference something so widely known and not have it actually relate is, well, stupid.


screw you guys man im keeping the name just because its well known and its a damn name, when you wear around a shirt do you go up to people and say hey the name of this shirt is such and such, NO never lol you guys are fools


Don't be hating on the name. Hate on the design. ;) Just kiddin'.

Happy Festivus!


I could always use another cluttered random looking design on a shirt. 5

btw that was not sarcasm at all.


I think too much is going on, but nice look

Annie the Pug

I agree with the second comment, Luke's. All of the main elements are the same size, so it lacks interest. Plus, butlertotheb, saying screw you to the people scoring your shirt and calling them fools is probably not the best way to win over votes.

GD Matt

it's thin, vertical left aligned design is refreshingly different. I dig the colors, too. $5 from me.


I really like this now that I see what it is.


Where's the pole? or feats of strength? A festivus for the rest of us?


too colorful, maybe if the shirt was black?


nice comp dog


I dig the placement, but that's about it. I don't understand what's going on.
And when I saw "Festivus," I was like, "Sweet, Seinfeld!" Then I realized it has nothing to do with Seinfeld. Everyone knows Festivus is from Seinfeld. It'd be like if I subbed a shirt that said Smelly Cat and had nothing to do with Friends...the name's taken. (now I think I wanna make a Smelly Cat shirt...)

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