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  • by Papaprime
  • posted Jul 31, 2006

Join now and get your free club member shirt!

The club is now much more than permanent marker on your hand!

the option shown is for the crossed pens without the \"est. 1980\" image on top.

(for those wo lacked a decent childhood, a friend would ask, \"Wanna join the Pen fifteen club? Everyone is doing it!\" You give in to peer pressure and your \"friend\" writes PEN15 on your hand with permanent marker. And you look like an idiot all day with PENIS written on your hand.)

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Jacob Blue

ha super funny
but it woodve been kooler if u made it into a jersey
and like made pen the last name and 15 "is" his number


lame. joke is way to old to revive


Pre-adolescent, but oddly enough, still funny. Would that I knew a college kid- I'd send it to him just to piss off his mom.


oh yea. those were the days. i should start that up again. $5

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

a piece of shit.

very constructive. You make out with your sister with that mouth? For shame.


i dont think this is threadless material...sorry

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I've seen a pretty wide array make it to print (before the FWF craze) just trying something different.

I'm not discounting your comment though :)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

The "option" text with a line through it and the extra set of smaller pens on the right is not necessary. The rest of the design is good though.

Kramer and Sprenger

I would totally buy it! and I agree, it is not threadless materieal at all, and threadless will never print it anyway. Why not just cut out the middleman, print it yourself, and sell it to all the millions of penis lovers out there. $5 anyway


I'm a little uneasy with looking at that text on the path...I think it needs a little tweeking. The spacing between the "P" and the "E" might need a little kerning adjustment...or mebbe just open up the letters in "Pen 15" more to match "Club".

Darkie profile pic Alumni

I remember that... I was the honorary head!



i did that once

I had no idea what it meant

But I walked around with Pen 15 on my hand for a day.


Lame. Why do I feel like this has been done.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

pours some ginseng

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

attempts to spell words correctly and fails


great idea and game of words, I like it!

Quag profile pic Alumni

The man can attempt something can he not? If you don't like a sub is there really a reason to shit negativity all over it? I'm giving a 5 buy for you not losing your temper.


I think it's funny as hell, but I don't think it a Threadless type thing. Let us know if you print it yourself!


This design needs a pocket with a "stain" to complete the joke.

peg legged pat

that is actually a very good idea about the stain but the shirt is pretty lame otherwise


Kojima on Aug 08 '06
The "option" text with a line through it and the extra set of smaller pens on the right is not necessary. The rest of the design is good though.

Are you serious? Considering its not on either of the mock-up shirts, I think that's there to specify that the shirt can be with or without the pens and not part of the design at all.


first impression - penis club. that's pretty darn stupid & sick

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

should be everyone's first impression... as it's the point...

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I agree with swimmer. That was my 1st impression. And yeah I understand thats what you were going for .. but you really should consider that only 1/2 of threadless shoppers are men.

As a girl I wouldn't be caught dead in it... or even in the company of someone who would wear something like that. Personally I find it more than just a bit offensive to women as a whole.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I can't pretend to comprehend why the word penis is offensive. But I won't deny your opinion.

Both boys and girls alike were added to the Pen 15 club as jr. high students. It's supposed to ellicit a nostalgic reaction more than a shirt with penis reaction. But I can't control people's perception and I won't pretend I can. Those enjoying, enjoy. Those aghast at a shirt with the word penis "hidden" in it, I'm sorry you don't enjoy it.


I had completely forgotten about this joke. Ah the good ol days. Funny stuff... but I wouldn't buy it.


Funny, but I would never wear it.


I never thought i'd ever hear of the pen 15 club again after junior high but here i sit and there it is and all i have to say is nice


I'd wear it......I'm not only a member but the club prez!! $5


haha I just started going out with this guy, and def. got him with this joke...I can't believe he hadn't heard of it! sooooo 4th greade. nice job.

younger brother

nothing great on design, but then again it doesnt have to be, its a great concept.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

Damn, I should do more designs with the word PENIS in it.

This is the most comments I've ever had on a submission. :)


I agree with Magen. Stretcht eh top so the spacing is more even without making the 15 bump into pen. I like this, I might wear it since I like twisting around gender. There are times when its okay to have penis written across your boobs.

juan venture

kojima is funny. so is swimmergirl66. by funny i mean dumb.

and i can't pretend to comprehend how the word penis is 'offensive to women on a whole' either. you must own nothing but smiley face tees.

as per the design itself, meh. just not that visually interesting and/or funny. [apart from actually executing the gag] but i'm interested to see what else you'll submit.


bad taste


How is it bad taste or offensive. Were you guys homeschooled? I'm a girl and I don't find it offensive at all. It gave me a good chuckle and made me remember middle school.
I'd buy it.
If you find the word penis offensive you probably shouldn't be on the internet.


i dont find it offensive and im sure loads would buy it.

but i dont want to join :-) I already opted out...l

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

"urban outfitters reject"

Nu-uh... there's no faux aging on the print.

That's the sign that it's an Urban Outfitters shirt. ;)


^ LOL at Papaprime for UO faux aging comment!

I visited the one in Bloomington, MN... and I think that every flippin' shirt has some silly mock vintage reference on it. I went "Meh" and moved on.


considering what you can find written on tee these days I think this is both classy and understated.


Can't believe some people think this is bad taste, probably the same people who thought the t-shirt with Kennedy's brain falling out of his head was hillarious!!! Light humour, very low brow, and hey, somebody was going to do it sooner or later (I had a few initial sketches in my scrap book hahahahaha) I say good-oh to you sir! 2 by the way - sorry nobody wants Penis on their shirt :S

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