One Alone

\"One Alone\" is an original sketch ... I know what it means to me, but it\'s meaning to you (if any) is open to interpretation.

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looks like a disembodied egyptian alien sitting in a paisley microwave entertaining the notion of kiling me. Think the drawing is good, but the idea is , uh, kinda silly. When people say an idea is open to interpretation it usually means they don't wanna tell you or they don't know themselves what they mean. I'm not trying to be ubercritical, but next time don't sound so pretentious.


I don't have to know what it means .. this looks good!


Absolutely beautiful illustration. $5!


"next time don't sound so pretentious"

I'm not trying to sound pretentious - I just don't want to tell you what it's supposed to mean because some things are more interesting left undefined... How exactly does THAT sound pretentious? I didn't say "this is better than your crap," did I?


love the illustration - very artful! i also really like this size and placement. i think alot of designs loose power by being too big. this is great 5$


I have no clue what it means. my best guess would have been what banditoman88 said:

a disembodied egyptian alien sitting in a paisley microwave entertaining the notion of killing me

I'd really like to hear your take on how this fits in with the Little Miss Sunshine theme, "Everybody pretend to be normal."


This is my head... in a box. As an artist I put what's in my mind on display for people to critique and interpret and figure out who I really am. But what they see is strange, a little disturbing and maybe somewhat beautiful.

I was hoping to hear what other people would see in this, but I can live with "a disembodied egyptian alien sitting in a paisley microwave entertaining the notion of killing me." Close enough.


threadless shirts are most effective when they have a universal meaning and can be related to by everyone. if you want people do interpret your work (which is quite good, don't get me wrong), don't put it on a shirt-- wrong medium. people aren't really interested in putting that much thought into shirts.

i would probably buy your work, actually. just not in this format.

Michigan Ellis

i don't give a rats what this is s'posed to be... i just don't like it. too many high school art curly-wurlies. and like devers234 said, this works better in another medium.

could we have some more owls, though? ;)


what does this have to do with the theme?


you people suck big, floppy donkey dick... that's what.


well that's certainly going to encourage people to warm to your work...

dharma does have a point that it doesn't seem to fit the contest theme that well. but that's ok, its still in the regular contest too. not EVERYONE is trying to hate you.


hey - I say what's on my mind.

but I think ultimately you're right... this isn't a glaringly obvious sub with lots of yellow sunshine and some variation on a vw bus...

and this design would really benefit from full color, so I'm going to print it myself

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