What's up with the bullet hole things?

Watch this

Textbook Illustrator ink splatter brush...and in a really strange pattern that doesn't make sense.
(sorry, I'm a CSI intern...bloodstain patterns are my thing)
The black spots on the shirt in the backgroung look much better.

I do like your vampire illustration though. :)

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yes, the vampire illustration is great... maybe make it more apparent that those are his teeth in his hands.


I usually like vampires but not this...sorry


I wish the design was like an old photograph
of good ol' granvampa in a cool gothic frame
without the red splatter.

mighty mouse

sorry its my first one so im still getting the hang of it

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration


I can't wait to see more from you mighty mouse.

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Also there's a great website with a lot of FAQs
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